Large C3 Vintage Cargo Ship Model RC Transmitter Ready

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Vintage C3 Cargo Model Ship

Ready Radio Control

LOA 51″   BEAM  7″    DRAFT 2 3/8″  
1/2″   WEIGHT 17 Lbs

is a vintage, scratch built wood model of a
Ca 1960’s American cargo ship based on the lines of a U.S. Maritime Commission C3 design developed in the 1930’s. Its
central deckhouse, fore and aft decks and hatch covers are removable. Beneath them are the ship’s skeletal construction which
includes frames, stringers and wood sheathed plank on frame construction. The model’s super structure is painted in white,
with cream accent bands on the cargo towers and a brown deck and hatch covers. The hull’s topsides are painted black to a
white boot top and the bottom paint is red.


All the cargo ship’s rigging, gear and equipment are fitted around each
of the cargo boom towers.
details such as the appropriate controls are present alongside of the 12 donkey engines, and the flying bridge and aft steering
station have the appropriate miniature binnacles and telegraphs. 

Fore and Aft views of this 51 inch transmitter ready radio control vintage

Plan of
typical C3 Cargo ship similar to this model. Engine room pictured below 

The model is equipped with brass propeller, steel shaft, Dumas electric motor of 4.5 volts & 2.5 amps, and
two servos operated from a Kraft Sport Series 72.3 Megahertz receiver. Missing is the required 2 channel transmitter compatible
with the 72.3 MHZ receiver to complete the Radio Controls. Installed is lead pellet ballast in the bilges and pig ballast
in the engine compartment. There are three extra bars of LYMAN pig ballast. Based on its equipment, we estimate the model
was built in the early 1970’s by an experienced professional model maker.

Poop deck, after
steering station & bollards
4 cargo boom donkey
engines & their controls

Three forward hatches
and handling gear
Forecastle with
windlass chain & anchor

CONDITION: The model is in exceptional condition for its
age, and has recently been cleaned, its rigging and booms repaired, a new forward hatch built and two new lifeboats installed.
All the electronic parts have been tested and work, but the necessary two channel transmitter is missing. The model has not
been tested in the water and it watertight integrity is not known. After being out of the water for so long, it is expected
that it would take some time for the wood to soak up water and become watertight. Also, expect to find some of the normal
marks of age consisting of dents, minor scratches, and missing paint that because of the model’s size don’t show in the




          Removable bridge and aft deck assemblies

SHIP’S HISTORY: Ships of this type were first built in 1939, just prior to WW
II, and the design presented was not specific to any service or trade route, but was for a general purpose that could
be modified for specific uses. The C3 was larger and faster than the C1 and C2 predecessors, measuring 492 feet from stem
to stern, and was designed to make 16.5 knots. Like the C2, it had five cargo holds.  

A total of 465 of these ships were built between 1939 and 1947. During
World War II, many C3 ships were converted to naval uses, particularly as Bogue class escort carriers and as destroyer tenders,
submarine tenders and seaplane tenders. After the War, they were converted back to cargo vessels for a number of steamship
lines. For specific details and elevation drawings of various ships before and after WW II see and for a miniature model of a combined President’s Line cargo and passeneger ship of this design, click here.

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