Vintage Steam Powered Tramp Steamer Model Ship RC Ready

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Vintage Steam Powered Tramp Steamer Model Ship RC Ready
Vintage Boiler Powered Tramp Steamer Model
ShipRadio Control Ready

Adult Supervision Suggested!

36 1/2 BEAM 6 1/2″
5 oz
Presented is a vintage, handcrafted, scratch-built, wood model of
an un-named steam-powered ship model that follows the design of the tramp steamers that plied the world’s oceans form 1910
through the start of World War Two. The model’s superstructure is painted in white with grey decks and a Robin’s
egg blue smoke stack, and the deck machinery in black with the hull painted black over a red bottom.

The model comes apart from the deckhouse forward to the center which exposes the engine room, which is fitted with
a live steam engine. The foredeck is also removable.

MODEL’S DESIGN and EQUIPMENT: The model has all the characteristics of being built by hand
from scratch, and may date as long ago as the mid 1970’s.The ship’s skeletal construction includes hand cut frames,
stringers and Balsa wood planking. The steam engine which is installed consists of a boiler in which water is converted
to steam from a firebox below, which powers a single cylinder engine that drives the shaft and propeller. There are no
markings on the engine. Model steam engines of this type and quality are rare and sell for $895.00 Retail with operating
boats selling for $3800.00.

There is a 72.2 MHZ radio control receiver of that era that works with a single
servo to move the rudder, but there is no throttle control or a reverse. There is no transmitter to activate the
servo. If this model is to be used in the water, then it is recommended that it first be tested for water tight integrity,
and if satisfactory, then the radio control system should be upgraded to the current 2.4 GHZ system that is current state-of-the-art. There is no visible ballast in the hull.
Fore and Aft views of this steam powered vintage
RC model
Boiler to the left of single cylinder engine with
shaft to right
TRAMP STEAMERS: A tramp is a
ship that does not operate on a fixed schedule. They engage in spot freight, picking up contracts as they become available.
The terms “tramp,” “tramper,” and “tramp freighter” are more appropriate today, as very few ocean-going vessels of any kind
are steamers, and fewer still are tramp steamers. The use of the term “tramp” in no way refers to the physical condition of
the vessel, although some tramps can be quite run down.
The removable fire pan with felt fuel source
CONDITION:The model is in exceptional condition for its age, and has recently been cleaned, and minor repairs
made. The steam engine has been tested using lighter fuel and the felt absorbent material. The felt pad is lit and inserted
in the boiler. When it boils steam is generated which turns the piston. The engine works, but there are minor water leaks at the exhaust elbow where it has been soldered, at the exhaust
pipe, and other areas.
Fire is dangerous and safety precautions must be taken. Therefore
this model is not suitable for children, and requires adult supervision if the engine is used.
The necessary AM 72 MHZ transmitter is missing. The model has not been tested in the water. After
being out of the water for so long, it is expected that it would take time for the wood to swell and  become watertight. Expect
to find some of the normal marks of age consisting of dents, minor scratches, and missing paint that, because of the model’s
size, don’t show in the pictures.

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