Presented are
a well used pair of authentic American design mid-century hard hat diver’s boots.
These hefty diving boots are made from heavy canvas tops which are mounted to
a wood sole by a series of 13 brass screws for each boot. The sole in turn is attached to ribbed brass threaded plate
bottoms attached by 7 brass though bolts. The toe of the boot is protected by a massive brass end cap. The heel of the boot
is leather reinforced  and riveted to the the canvas with
pull straps above. All is held snugly by replacement laces passed through 6 brass grommets, held by leather straps secured
by a buckle of which one is missing. The base of the boot is 14 inches long, 4 3/4 inches wide and stands 9 1/2 inches high.


These massive
boots weigh 12 pounds each, 24 pounds total, and show just enough wear and discoloration to make them interesting display items
in a man’s den or library.




Serrated bronze treads




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