Important Antique Seth Thomas Ships Clock Dated 1878

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Important Seth Thomas
Antique Ships Clock, Dated April 16,


           Front view of clock

Included. A $75.00 Value!


Seth Thomas, America’s
oldest clock maker, started operations in 1813. Their Nautical clocks
first appeared in the 1860’s and were the official US Navy Ships’
clock for almost 100 years



Dimensions: Cartridge Brass Case 6
1/2″ x 3
Dial Diameter
6″                         Weight

3.3 pounds

Presented is a superb
and very rare example of an Eight Day
“Double Wind” Seth Thomas Ships clock with its patent
date when FIRST INTRODUCED on April 16,
imprinted on the seconds dial. It
has the very early style slip on outer bezel, and an eight
day, time only, movement which was likely the predecessor to the
reliable No. 10 Ship’s Lever. 

This is only the second time we have discovered this
era Seth Thomas timepiece with the same early date.

This clock is running so well after 134
years that we decided to leave well enough alone rather than risk disturbing its movement and the circular
frame upon which it is mounted. The frame can be seen from the
front when the bezel is removed. The clocks that followed all
have brass frames.

The early Seth Thomas – Double
Wind models may be considered a ‘Classic’ American sea
going clock. Relatively few of the very old ones have
survived the effects of rough usage, years at sea, and salt water
corrosion. This one is in remarkable condition,
and is ready for display in the home or use at sea…..a
great looking collector’s clock with exceptional appeal that
will make a great gift, perfect for use on
vintage yacht or as an important addition in a

Face of clock showing recessed seconds dial





: The placement of the seconds bit in
a recessed dial with a separate bezel below the XII
position is a unique feature which was discontinued with this model and
others similar to it. It was never to reappear. The Fast-Slow lever
is in the above slot. The
over size Roman numerals on the face makes reading the
dial easy.  Note the early “ST” logo just below the center
hands arbor with the Seth Thomas name in Old English print beneath it.
Much hairline crackling can be seen.

The movement appears to be in good mechanical condition and has
a regular and loud tick tock beat.  It keeps good
time for three days and then begins to run slightly slow. Therefore,
it is best to wind it every two or three days to maintain
its accuracy using the period key which is included. It will
run for three days. on a single winding.



3/4 left side view
Partial side and front
3/4 right side view> 



 Partial left
side view





case has a mounting tab at the top and bottom to
keep it secure when mounted to a ship’s bulkhead such
as in the
pilot house, navigators shack, or captain’s cabin.
Seth Thomas clocks could be found in vessels ranging from
the most luxurious yachts to battleships! A Seth
Thomas clock was recovered from the wreck of the USS MAINE
and presented to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was Secretary
of the Navy.





back of clock has maker's label></td></tr></table><border=2 cellspacin=

About 80 percent of the label remains and
is mostly


side view of clock image
  Side view of case
showing 3 1/8 inch


CONDITION:  The clock face
is finely crackled and slightly yellowed with age with some

loss primarily at the winding arbors. The Roman Numerals are slightly smudged
from someone’s cleaning. The darkened steel Spade hands are original,
but the glass has been replaced

. The case has been polished and lacquered in
the recent past and is in excellent condition. The
maker’s label on the back is about 95 percent complete. The
Eight Day, Double Wind movement runs for four

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