Antique U.S. Navy Bell Ca 1890

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Ca 1890


front view of early Navy foredeck bell image


is a very early “foredeck”
or “anchor watch” bell which we date to the Spanish-American War
Era. It is very similar to the ones that we have been selling to Naval
Commands for ceremonial use over the last few years. The
difference is it shows some
small casting imperfections and pitting along
the rim and is quite rough on the inside. We believe this to be
the result of
stepped up war production, and think these marks
add to its rugged good looks. The heavily chiseled USN stands out and sets
this bell apart from the others which have the signature upper and lower ribbed
bands or beading that are only found on bells from the Turn of
the 20th Century or earlier. 
The Navy keeps its bells polished so
this bell has been brightly polished and lacquered and then it is
mounted on a custom wood stand with a finely made macramé bell rope
attached. It is in fine condition, and suitable for naval ceremonies or
as a retirement gift or for presentation. The clapper and nut with
integral washer are original.



Note the pitting along the lower rim image

Leftside view. Note
pitting along the lower
of this unique
early design are very scarce, and are becoming scarcer as time passes. The inverted “J”
vertical bracket means they need to be mounted on
a pedestal or deck rarther than a bulkhead so they usually
are mounted at the bow. Therefore they are known as anchor or foredeck bells.
The tone of a proper Navy bell, made using a
special “bell metal” formula, is exceptional. It has a strong
resonance that once heard will never be forgotten. Do not expect cheap
imitations to have this distinctive ring because “bell metal” is a
specially formulated bronze alloy, unique to the Navy for this
highly specialized use.

specifications also include that the casting is to be homogeneous in
character and free from internal stresses or strains which may cause the
bell to crack.  It shall possess a full, clear, round, and far
– reaching tone of keys indicated in these specifications. For
smaller vessels the sound is “A” and “A


Inside of bell shows unusual roughness image
                               Inside view



Back view showing bend

from the rear shows a bend which shows it was hard to remove
the ship’s deck


Diameter at crown 5″
Diameter at mouth 9 1/2″ Height
to crown 6 5/8″ Height overall 16″
” L x 12″ D
x 3/4″ T  Weight: 29 pounds
As previously mentioned, there are small casting imperfections
and pitting on the bell’s lower rim. The inside of the bell is
rougher than normal. The washer integral nut and washer at
the top is original. The “J” bracket has
a slight bend which occurs when there is difficulty in removing it from the
shoe which holds the bracket. The shoe is missing and remained with the
ship from which the bell was removed. Highly polished and lacquered.
The inside of the bell shows the marks of the clapper
hitting the edge and flattening it which means that this bell has
served at sea. No bell has the sound of a Navy
bell’s strong vibration, resonate ring and long duration
of sound.
fancy macramé bell rope is attached.

Bell when viewed from the front left image

   Looks impressive from any angle

Buy this outstanding
example of a rare
US Navy bell Now! What a great find for that special collection that
includes only the finest and most unusual.
The stand makes
ideal for display or as a presentation!

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