Large Stripped Nautilus Shell on Spiral Stand


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Large Stripped Nautilus Shell

On Spiral Wood Pedestal

Dimensions                  Ht:  13 3/4 ”           Depth: 8″       Width od Shell:  3 3/4″

 Wt:  15 oz.

Presented is a very large Nautilus Shell on a spiraled wood pedestal.

This is a dramatic and lovely decorative addition to any decor, especially one going for a seaside or nautical theme.

Nautiluses are known for their beautiful, coiled shells. The shell can range in color, from white to orange, and even purple, with unique color patterns. In the live animal,  protruding from the shell are more than 90 suckerless tentacles.  Chambered nautilus are mainly found in the western Pacific Ocean and coastal areas of the Indian Ocean.  Unlike other cephalopods, nautiluses are relatively long-lived, reaching ages of 15 to 20 years, or more. They grow slowly, maturing around 10 to 15 years of age, and produce a small number of eggs that require at least a year-long incubation period.

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