M1911 Dutch Klewang Authentic Ca 1940

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M1911 Dutch Klewang: LOA 29
1/2″  Grip 4 5/8″ Width 1 3/8″ Fuller 14 3/4″ x 1/4″ False edge 1 3/4 Thickness 1/8″
1.63 lbs                           
Top picture
M1898 Dutch Hembrug Klewang:
LOA 29 1/8″  Grip
4 3/4″ Width 1 1/4″  Thickness 1/8″
lbs             Bottom picture


Presented for sale is a M1911 Dutch Klewang which is the upper
picture above. It is shown with its predecessor a M1898 Dutch Klewang from which it evolved. Since there is so much
confusing information about the Klewang, and its derivatives, we decided to go to one of the most respected experts in the
field of antique pistols and edged weapons, and ask his opinion of this example. Our prior experience was limited to
the earlier M1898 version made by Hembrug.

J.P. Puype & R. J. de Stürler Boekwijt wrote a definitive work which was published in 2001 appropriately titled
“KLEWANG“. Without exception, those who have read it believe the most comprehensive
work on this topic, and beyond. It can be purchased in the US from the University of Chicago Press. Everyone interested
in the Klewang and its long service should read it. It will solve a lot of the unnecessary confusion concerning this
historic edged weapon, and others derived from it such as the U.S. Navy M1917 Cutlass and others such as those made by MILSCO,
the Milwaukee Saddlery Company during WW II.

In an exchange of emails, J.P. Puype classifies our cutlass, with the open
worked guard, and with little steps in the apertures, as a Dutch Klewang of 1911 pattern. Puype believes that this
particular example was assembled in the Dutch East Indies after Holland’s surrender to Germany in May, 1940, and
prior to the Japanese occupying the Dutch East Indies in March, 1942. He says the The Dutch East Indies Army
started bluing these weapons in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s, and that Bakelite grips first came into use in 1941
or 1942.This was after wood grips were no longer available from Solingen due to the war in Europe, and the stock on hand
had been depleted.

CONDITION M1911 Dutch Klewang Ca 1940: There are no markings. Without exception the
bluing is in like new condition. The false edge is sharp, but the cutting edge has not been sharpened. The riveted black Bakelite
handle has some nicks and scratches, but the guard and grip are tight. The guard also has some minor scratches and one
small dent on its obverse edge. Overall, this cutlass ranks in exceptional condition. There is no scabbard.

The picture above shows the guard and grip of the M1898 Hembrug Klewang compared
to the M1911 version with Bakelite grips. Note the steps in the cutout portion of the half shell guard. The Klewang on
the left was marked Hembrug, the one on the right has no markings.

Shown below, the M1911 Klewang is pictured above the M1917 U.S. Navy
Cutlass which we are simultaneously offering for sale. See



MILSCO, formerly the Milwaukee Saddlery Company, is
a little known company, appearing in print and on the internet concerning the Klewang. They made no less than 30,000
Klewangs for the Dutch East Indies government in 1946 and 1947. MILSCO is frequently, mis-named
as the “Military Supply Company”. For the company’s history see

For a discussion on the M1898 Dutch Klewang – Hemberg see

For details on the U.S. Navy M1860
cutlass see

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