Folk Art Bust of Dutch Rescue Service Sailor


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Maritime Folk Art Bust of 

Dutch Rescue Service Sailor

Inscription: Sleunt het reddingswezen

Literal translation: “Leans the Rescue”

Dimensions:  Ht:  22″   Wd:  12″   Dpt:  11″             Wt:  12 1/2 lbs.

Presented is a masculine-looking bust of a Dutch sailor that would have been in the national maritime rescue service. The English translation would more likely be “At the Rescue”.   The current Dutch service, KNRM was created May 22, 1991, by merging the Koninklijke Noord- en Zuid-Hollandsche Redding-Maatschappij (founded November 11, 1824), called the Noord (North), and the Koninklijke Zuid-Hollandsche Maatschappij tot Redding van Schipbreukelingen (founded November 20, 1824), called the Zuid (South). Between 1824 and 2006, they answered 36358 distress calls and saved 79887 people out of distress situations. Yearly they have about 1700 distress calls with about 3500 people saved (2008).

He’s a stern-looking fellow appropriate to his profession.


We acquired him in the normal course of business and have no information about his history.  The very sturdy steel hook on the back of this slightly heavy wood piece would indicate that he was wall mounted wherever he was originally meant to be displayed.

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Total:  $1060.00

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