Morse Shallow Water Dive Helmet

Morse Shallow Water Dive Helmet     DIMENSIONS OF HELMET:  21” H x 13 1/2” W x 15 D WEIGHT without weights 22 lbs Two weights 17 1/2 lbs each Total weight 54.5 pounds Serial No. 6071   Presented is an authentic Morse No. 15 Shallow Water diving helmet which was probably made in the mid-1940s toward […]

Historic Dive Helmet by
Galeazzi of Italy
WWII Vintage

Marina Style (Italian Navy) Dive Helmet by Galeazzi of Italy, Ca 1940  Circa 1940 Production – Italy     DIMENSIONS OF HELMET:  18” H x 13 ” W x 15″ D Total weight 42 pounds Serial No. 33:598   Presented is an exceptionally fine example of an Italian Dive helmet by Galeazzi of Italy.  It […]

3 Light 12 Bolt Chinese Dive Helmet

3 Light 12 Bolt Chinese Dive Helmet STAND NOT INCLUDED DIMENSIONS:   18″H x 13 1/2″ W x 13 1/2″ D Weight 40 pounds Presented is a lightly used three-light 12 bolt Chinese dive helmet. The helmet has its original tinning so we’re assuming that it did not see a lot of use.  It has been in a […]

Russian 3 Bolt
Dive Helmet

Russian 3 Bolt Dive Helmet DIMENSIONS: 17“ H x 15 1/2“ W x 17 3/4“ D Handle + 2” TOTAL WEIGHT 34 lbs Presented is a 3 bolt, 3 light Russian helmet, Circa 1991.  It is in exceptional condition.  This helmet was made at Factory 28 located in Leningrad in 1991 as indicated by the brass ID […]

Cased Model of Revenue Cutter
by William Hitchcock

Cased Model of the Revenue Cutter ” Liberty” by William Hitchcock   Dimensions:  Glass Case:   HT:16 1/2″ x  Lgth. 13″ x W 71/4″                   Model:  L Overall: 12″   Deck L 8″   W  2 3/4″   Overall Ht. 11″ Presented is a beautifully executed model of the Revenue Cutter “Liberty” […]

Desco Commemorative Dive Knife

Desco Commemorative Commercial Diver’s Knife            Weight:  4 lbs Overall L: 13 1/2″      Lgth – Knife:12″ Presented is a Commemorative Diver’s Knife produced in a limited quantity by Diving Equipment & Supply Company (DESCO). It follows the design of the U.S. Navy’s dive knife.  This one is numbered 55 […]

Vintage Korean Dive Helmet

Vintage Korean Dive Helmet  DIMENSIONS: 16 1/2″H x 14″ W x 16″ D Circumference 36″ Weight 35 pounds Presented is a fine example of a vintage Korean  three-light, 12-bolt,  helmet, likely made around 1930. Even though it looks similar to a Siebe Gorman, except for its crisscrossed guards over the side lights, it is smaller […]

Siebe Gorman Diver’s 4 Pronged Light

Siebe Gorman Diver’s 4 Pronged Light   Presented is a British Siebe Gorman chromed brass deep sea diver’s flashlight.  All types of torches are made from high-quality brass (probably Admiralty or Naval qualities) and most were electroplated(mainly chrome plated) for added protection against corrosion.  This working light is an example of one of the fine […]

Large Ship Navigation Lamp
by G. Gillard of New Zealand

Large Ship Navigation Lamp by G.Gillard of Auckland, New Zealand   Presented is a very large antique kerosene ship’s navigation light.   The maker’s tag on the front is imprinted G Gillard, Cert Maker, Auckland, and shows the serial number 966. This fine lamp was intended for use when a ship was “Not Under Command”.  This […]

Heinke 12 Bolt Round Corselet
Dive Helmet

Famous Heinke 12 Bolt Round Corselet Dive Helmet

FAMOUS HEINKE 12 BOLT ROUND CORSELET DIVE HELMET Stand Not Included Presented is a very rare Heinke12 Bolt Round Corselet dive helmet. Heinke used gun metal when they began production of helmets in quantity. This helmet is copper and brass, with much of the tinning evident, and in excellent condition. It was believed that about […]