Naval Officers
Non Regulation
Eagle Head Sword Ca 1835

RARE NON REGULATION AMERICAN EAGLE HEAD NAVAL OFFICER’S SWORD Ca 1835 – 1842 As Documented in Numerous Reference Books! Presented is an American treasure, an outstanding example of a naval officer’s sword with pipeback blade, which was the type of weapon that was carried by senior officer’s that could afford the finest. This one has an non-naval scabbard which has […]

M 1852
Presentation Sword
1909 Mint Condition

MINT CONDITION ANTIQUE Model 1852 Officer’s Presentation Sword =6> Presented by Chief  Turret Captain of USS Indiana BB 1  Length Overall 35 3/4” long Blade 30 1/4” long by 3/4” wide 1/4″ Thick LOA 36 1/4″ Presented is a M1852 sword named to Harry E. Stevens, a naval officer born in 1884 who entered the service prior to 1900 as a seaman […]

U.S. Naval Officer
Regulation Hilt & Scabbard

    As seen in the table below which measures the size of the Navy’s Officer Corps, this is an extremely rare example of a 19th Century M1841 Naval officer’s Regulation hilt and scabbard. There are very few of these outside of museums such as at the US Naval Academy in public hands. Therefore, it presents […]

Ames Civil War M 1860
Naval Cutlass & Scabbard

Ames Civil War Service 1860 Naval Cutlass Dated 1862 & Scabbard Presented is an Ames Civil War M1860 cutlass dated 1862 with its original scabbard. This is a big plus since many found with these weapons are reproductions. This one has the rarely seen Star imprint on the final rivet which adds to its importance. Like many swords […]

M 1860-1862
Ames Navy Cutlass and Scabbard

  Again Authorized for CPO’s Presented is an Ames Civil War M1860 cutlass, dated 1862, without the maker’s imprint on the reverse ricasso or an Ames serial number, but the hilt shows extensive use.  Except for the missing maker’s imprint and the lack of inspector’s stamps, and serial number, this is an excellent example of this most desirable collector’s sea service […]

Confederate Navy
Named Admiral’s M 1850 Sword

CONFEDERATE NAVY ADMIRAL’S SWORD MODEL 1850 W.H. Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia Ca 1850   This is a rare example of a 19th Century Confederate Navy Flag officer’s sword of a pedigreed American maker. It is a very special find.  DIMENSION SUMMARY: Blade: 1 1/8 inch wide, 1/4 inch thick, 28 inches long Hilt 5 3/4 inches long. Length overall 37 1/2 inches. In scabbard 38 3/4 inches. Primary Fuller 22 […]

Important U.S. Naval Officer’s
Silver Dirk
Ca 1790

Presented is a beautiful, high grade, Fighting dirk with a prominent Blue enamel pommel cap having a cartouche of intertwined USN initials. The triangular blade could have come from an English short sword or it may have been originally made as a dirk with the scabbard and blade dating to Ca 1790.  A typical Navy officers’ dirk would normally […]

Antique French
Model 1833 Cutlass

French Model 1833 Cutlass ‘Le Sabre d’Abordage’, (Sabre De Bord or Boarding Cutlass) Presented is a pristine French Model 1833 cutlass and its original leather scabbard, both in outstanding original condition.  It is signed in 19th Century script on the spine, “Manufe Rle de Chatellerault 9 (?) 1838”. On the obverse ricasso is a sharp inspection stamp of a […]

British Admiralty
Sea Service Patt. 1849 Pistol

ROYAL NAVY PATTERN 1849 SEA SERVICE PERCUSSION PISTOL Excellent Condition  It has been six years since we have been able to offer a Sea Service pistol from the Tower of London Armory of this high quality. Presented is a very rare British Admiralty Sea Service Pattern 1849 percussion cap pistol in .50 caliber with an abundance of Crown […]

M 1852 Horstmann & Son
Naval Officers Sword
Ca 1860

U.S. NAVY OFFICER’S SWORD M1852 Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia Ca 1860 This is a rare example of a 19th Century M1852 Naval officer’s sword of a pedigreed American maker with a non-regulation scabbard.  DIMENSION SUMMARY: Blade: 1 3/16 inches wide, 1/4 inch thick, 29 1/2 inches long Hilt 5 3/4 inches long. Length overall 36 1/4 inches in scabbard. Primary Fuller 20 1/2” x 1/2“ Weight […]

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