Model of Ocean Liner “SS Normandie”

Model of Famous French Ocean Liner “SS  Normandie” Dimensions: Overall Lgth:  31″     Beam:  5″    Ht:  9″ Base:  18″ x 3 1/2″ Presented is a nicely done model of the SS Normandie.  This model has been in a collection for a few years and is not brand new.  The anchor is present but not […]

Antique Scottish Clipper Ship Model ADINO

AntiqueScottish Clipper Ship Model ADINO

ANTIQUE SCOTTISH CLIPPER SHIP MODEL ADINO of ARBROATH Presented is a carefully handcrafted full rigged model of the Scottish Clipper ADINO with a varnished Mahogany hull, deck and spars. This three masted full rigged ship was  made by a model maker using the plank on frame method of construction. Each handmade  plank is fitted to the curves of the hull and held […]

Friendship Sloop Model on Boatyard Ramp

Friendship Sloop Model on Boatyard Ramp

Beautifully Detailed Friendship Sloop Model  Showing Hauled Out on Boatyard Ramp   Dimensions: Model Overall Lgth:  19″   Draft: 3″  Ht to top f mast: 16 1/2″ Lgth of Planked Ramp: 22″ Presented is a very nicely detailed model of the famous Friendship Sloop in diorama style on a cradle on a slanted planked boatyard ramp. […]

Steamer SABINO
Mystic Seaport’s Excursion Steamer

One of Mystic Seaport’s most admired vessels FAMOUS EXCURSION STEAMER “SABINO” Completely Finished & Display Ready MODEL DIMENSIONS: 14 1/2″ L x 13 3/4″ H x 5 3/8″ WPresented is a beautiful model of the coastal steamer SABINO, which was launched from the W. Irving Adams shipyard in East Boothbay, Maine in 1908. PRICE $350.00    […]

Vintage Miniature SS PRESIDENT HOOVER Ship Model

Vintage miniature SS PRESIDENT HOOVER Ship Model MINIATURE DOLLAR LINES SS PRESIDENT HOOVER Ca 1967 In the style of Chas. K. Van Ryper PRESIDENTS LINE SS PRESIDENT HOOVER! Composite materials Made Ca 1947 Dimensions 9 1/16” x 1 1/8” x 1 7/8” Scale 1:666 “MS“ Bottom – Patent 367260Presented is a handcrafted miniature model of […]

Hemmingway’s PILAR Sport Fishing Model Boat

Hemmingway’s PILAR Sport Fishing Model Boat “PILAR” ERNEST HEMINGWAY’S FAMOUS SPORT FISH MODEL BOAT DIMENSIONS model: 13″ L x  6″ H x 4″ W      Shipping Weight7 1/2 lb Base 15 1/4” L x 5 1/2″ W x 7″ H This model exemplifies the care and attention to detail that the boat builder took in creating this world class sport fish. It […]

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Model of “Captain Lee”

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Model “Captain Lee” Presented is a fine model of the classic Chesapeake Bay Skipjack, “Captain Lee”,  oyster dredging workboat. Dimensions:  Lg-overall: 31 1/2″    Lg on Deck: 23″   Beam:  5″   Deck to keel: 4 1/2″   Base: 17″ x 6 1/4″ We don’t know who made the model, but it was done by […]

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Buy Boat Model

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Buy Boat Model     Presented is a beautifully done model of the classic Chesapeake Oyster Buy Boat.  This is a large model of this very fine historic Chesapeake Bay workboat.  Model Dimensions: Overall Length: 37″       Beam: 9″        Draft: Deck to Bottom: 8″    Overall Ht. (Top […]

CHRIS CRAFT 1952 RIVIERA Speedboat Model Boat

  CHRIS CRAFT 1952 RIVIERA Speedboat Model Boat 1952 CHRIS CRAFT 18′ RIVIERA SPEED BOAT MODEL A Quintessential Custom Runabout!DIMENSIONS: 24″ L x 8 1/4″ W x 8 3/4 H” H WEIGHT 2 lbs 14 oz PRESENTED is a “collector” size model of a 1950 -1954 Chris Craft, semi-custom 18 foot Riviera. This design was […]

Vintage Indian Scout Motorcycle & Sidecar Model!

VINTAGE INDIAN TWIN CYLINDER MOTORCYCLE & SIDECAR MODEL 1920’s Era   DIMENSIONS – 7″ H x 10″ W x 14 1/2″ Long.                       WEIGHT 3 lbs. 6 oz.   Copyright 2017 by Land And Sea Collection™, All Rights Reserved Presented is a skillfully hand crafted, model of an Indian motorcycle and sidecar model dating from the 1920’s Era. It is made from numerous pieces of metal […]

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