British Admiralty Telescope – 19th Century

British Admiralty Pattern Single Draw Marine Telescope Ca 1875  Late 19th-century telescopes are increasingly difficult to find. This is one of the Admiralty designs which makes it special. It is a quite large, high quality, British Admiralty pattern, single draw telescope designed specifically for marine use. It is in fine condition for its age and […]

Miniature British Aviation Ministry Seaplane Sextant WW II

Miniature British Aviation Ministry Seaplane Sextant WW II RARE BRITISH WW II AIR MINISTRY MINIATURE SEXTANT Air Ministry Pattern Of the smaller size sextants, it is the outright Best! Presented is another gem of a micro-mini tiny sextant that has a radius of arc of only 3 1/2 inches, but has large size mirrors and […]

Antique Early Sextant / Quintant With Personal History

COMMODORE HOBART OLSON’S Brass Quintant – Sextant      Ca 1860 An exceptionally fine instrument with a known and interesting history.  It was the personal quintant-sextant of a famous mid-west yachtsman, which he used to navigate the long-distance races on Lake Michigan, probably from 1935 forward until his death. He also had it with him […]

J.W. NORIE Early Octant Ca 1795

FAMOUS MAKER J.W. NORIE EARLY ENGLISH OCTANT Ca 1795 NORIE FOWLED ANCHOR LOGO on ARC   PRESENTED is as rare an octant as you will find and one which will appeal to those familiar with the history of navigation. It was made by John William Norie (1772-1843), a mathematician, hydrographer, chart maker, and publisher of nautical books, most famous for […]

Sextant by Charles Taber New Bedford

IMPORTANT AMERICAN SEXTANT C. TABER –  NEW BEDFORD Ca 1860 Presented is an ebony frame, ivory arc, and antique sextant made by Charles Taber & Co. New Bedford.  There were few American makers of navigation instruments, most of which were imported from England. The Taber company was located in the heart of the whaling industry. […]

Henry Hughes & Son Double Frame Sextant/QuintantCa 1895

Henry Hughes & Son - London Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant

Henry Hughes & Son – London Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant Dated 1895 . This high-quality instrument has its original factory finish. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an important gift or presentation piece. Presented is an important instrument which we believe was a private label for Henry Hughes &, Son, […]

Berge Ramsden Sextant Later 18th Century

Mathew Berge and Jesse Ramsden Sextant late 18th Century

Berge of London – Late Ramsden Sextant Presented is a highly collectible and exceptional instrument engraved with the Berge London – Late Ramsden insignia.  Mathew Berge was an apprentice to Jesse Ramsden who was one of the foremost developers and designers of instruments for celestial navigation in the 18th and 19th centuries. This classic Diamond […]

Spencer Browning & Rust Double Frame Brass Sextant/QuintantEarly to Mid 19th Century

Spence Browning & Rust Double Frame Brass Sextant Early to Mid 19th Century

Spencer, Browning & Rust London Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant Early to Mid 19th Century Industrial art at its finest and an outstanding presentation piece for those who especially appreciate early maritime history Presented is a beautiful museum quality polished brass 18-pillar double-frame sextant with an ebony handle by Spencer Browning & Rust London.  This fine […]

Frodsham & Keen – Liverpool 3 Ring Sextant/Quintant

Frodsham & Keen of Liverpool Sextant/Quintant

Frodsham & Keen of Liverpool Sextant/Quintant Early 20th Century Presented is an antique quintant, meaning a sextant having a range of 144°, or an arc of 72°, by Frodsham and Keen of Liverpool, England, dated October of 1920. (There is an identical instrument by this constructor shown in” Sextants At Greenwich” from the National Maritime […]

RareTulip Pattern Mid 19th Century Brass Sextant

Rare and Unusual Tulip Pattern Sextant Mid 19th Century

Rare and Unusual Tulip Pattern Sextant Mid 19th Century Inscribed “L. Vandervoodt Cornet  Antwerp”   Presented is a beautiful brass sextant with a “Tulip” design frame.  In our research, we were only able to find one example of this design, also inscribed on the arc with a name that was thought to be the seller […]

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