Unusual Diamond Pattern Frame Sextant<br> by Norie of London<br> Ca 1800

Beautiful Diamond Pattern Sextant by Norie of London   Presented is an exceptionally fine Sextant by Norie of London, dated approximately 1800 – to early 19th Century.  It is the first of these that we have offered with the very attractive Diamond design frame.  This is a beautiful museum equality instrument by a well-known maker […]

New Astra IIIB Sextant<br> with Traditional (Split) Horizon Mirror

Astra III B Sextant with Traditional Horizon Mirror     This fine new instrument came to us from a gentleman who received it as a gift, but never had the opportunity to use or work with it.  Consequently, it is in all of its original packaging with booklets, paperwork, etc.  The only difference between this […]

Troughton & Simms<br> Double Frame Sextant-Quintant

Troughton & Simms  Double Frame Sextant/Quintant TROUGHTON & SIMMS were the best of the English instrument makers. This instrument dates from their partnership. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an important gift Presented is a very fine double frame sextant by one of the most renowned instrument makers,  Troughton & […]

British Air Ministry<br> Henry Hughes & Son<br> Miniature Sextant<br> 1941

BRITISH AIR MINISTRY Henry Hughes & Son Miniature Sextant 1941   An opportunity to own a very fine miniature sextant by Henry Hughes & Son, Ltd. dated 1941 with Serial No. 28125.   PRESENTED is another gem of a micro-mini tiny sextant that has a radius of arc of only 3 1/2 inches, but has large size […]

Fine Example Of A<br> Turn Of The Century<br> Sextant/Quintant

FINE EXAMPLE OF A TURN OF THE CENTURY SEXTANT/QUINTANT Attributed to Frodsham & Keen Presented is an antique quintant, meaning a sextant having a range of 144°, or an arc of 72°. We are attributing it to Frodsham and Keen of Liverpool, England, around the Turn of the 20th Century. There is a completely identical […]

Henry Hughes & Son<br> Three Ring Sextant<br> Owner Capt. Weems

 LIKE NEW PRESENTATION QUALITY HENRY HUGHES & SON THREE RING SEXTANT Former Property of CAPT. P.V.H. Weems, USN PRESENTED is a Henry Hughes Three Ring sextant in like new condition that was purchased by then LCDR P.V.H. Weems, USN-Ret on 11 April 1940 for the Weems School of Navigation. Weems is the famous award winning celestial navigator that authored […]

F. Smith & Son Opticians<br> Quintant/Sextant<br> Late 19th Century

OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION  QUALITY Late 19th Century Quintant/Sextant   SPECIFICATIONS: CASE  10 3/4″ x 10″ L x 5 1/4″ W     QUINTANT / SEXTANT: 3 Sighting scopes              Length of index arm   9 ”                 Width of  Arc  10 1/8″           […]

JW Norie & Wilson Early English Sextant/Quintant Ca 1850

FAMOUS MAKER J W NORIE & WILSON EARLY ENGLISH SEXTANT/QUINTANT CA 1850 PRESENTED is a very rare sextant, and one which will appeal to those familiar with the history of navigation. It was made by John William Norie (1772-1843), a mathematician, hydrographer, chart maker and publisher of nautical books, most famous for his Epitome of […]

Important<br> Museum Quality Quintant<br> By Cary Of London

IMPORTANT MUSEUM QUALITY QUINTANT BY CARY OF LONDON Very High Quality Presentation Grade! Presented is a museum quality quintant by Cary of London. William Cary (c.1759-1825) had the prestige and good fortune of being an apprentice to one of the foremost names in sextant development and manufacture, Jesse Ramsden. William Cary became a prolific manufacturer […]