Museum Quality
Double Frame Sextant
by Crichton – London
Early 1800s

Beautiful Double Frame Sextant by Crichton of London Ca.  The early 1800s   Presented is a beautiful polished brass 20-pillar double-frame sextant with a mahogany handle by John Crichton of London.  The double-frame brass sextants are especially beautiful and dramatic examples of this period. In good condition, they are becoming harder to find. This design […]

Pocket or Box Sextant
by T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London

 Pocket or Box Sextant By T.Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London Presented in an unusual Pocket or Box sextant by the renowned instrument maker T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd. London & York.   In 1855 Cooke exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris and won a First Class Medal for a 7.5-inch equatorial refractor. By 1855, […]

Unusual Diamond Pattern Frame Sextant
by Norie of London
Ca 1800

Beautiful Diamond Pattern Sextant by Norie of London   Presented is an exceptionally fine Sextant by Norie of London, dated approximately 1800 – to early 19th Century.  It is the first of these that we have offered with the very attractive Diamond design frame.  This is a beautiful museum equality instrument by a well-known maker […]

New Astra IIIB Sextant
with Traditional (Split) Horizon Mirror

Astra III B Sextant with Traditional Horizon Mirror     This fine new instrument came to us from a gentleman who received it as a gift, but never had the opportunity to use or work with it.  Consequently, it is in all of its original packaging with booklets, paperwork, etc. It comes with then 3.5 […]

Troughton & Simms
Double Frame Sextant-Quintant

Troughton & Simms  Double Frame Sextant/Quintant TROUGHTON & SIMMS were the best of the English instrument makers. This instrument dates from their partnership. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an important gift Presented is a very fine double frame sextant by one of the most renowned instrument makers,  Troughton & […]

British Air Ministry
Henry Hughes & Son
Miniature Sextant

BRITISH AIR MINISTRY Henry Hughes & Son Miniature Sextant 1941   An opportunity to own a very fine miniature sextant by Henry Hughes & Son, Ltd. dated 1941 with Serial No. 28125.   PRESENTED is another gem of a micro-mini tiny sextant that has a radius of arc of only 3 1/2 inches, but has large size […]

Fine Example Of A
Turn Of The Century

FINE EXAMPLE OF A TURN OF THE CENTURY SEXTANT/QUINTANT Attributed to Frodsham & Keen Presented is an antique quintant, meaning a sextant having a range of 144°, or an arc of 72°. We are attributing it to Frodsham and Keen of Liverpool, England, around the Turn of the 20th Century. There is a completely identical […]

Henry Hughes & Son
Three Ring Sextant
Owner Capt. Weems

 LIKE NEW PRESENTATION QUALITY HENRY HUGHES & SON THREE RING SEXTANT Former Property of CAPT. P.V.H. Weems, USN PRESENTED is a Henry Hughes Three Ring sextant in like new condition that was purchased by then LCDR P.V.H. Weems, USN-Ret on 11 April 1940 for the Weems School of Navigation. Weems is the famous award winning celestial navigator that authored […]

F. Smith & Son Opticians
Late 19th Century

OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION  QUALITY Late 19th Century Quintant/Sextant   SPECIFICATIONS: CASE  10 3/4″ x 10″ L x 5 1/4″ W     QUINTANT / SEXTANT: 3 Sighting scopes              Length of index arm   9 ”                 Width of  Arc  10 1/8″           […]

Early English Sextant
Ca 1850
by Felix Marlin, Swansea

EARLY ENGLISH SEXTANT CA 1850 BY FELIX MARLIN, SWANSEA PRESENTED is a beautiful late 19th Century sextant engraved Felix Marlin, Swansea. This name could have been the maker or the sextant could have been made specifically for this gentleman. We were not able to identify Felix Marlin in “Sextants at Greenwich”. publication. The quality of […]