Cased Model of Revenue Cutter
by William Hitchcock

Cased Model of the Revenue Cutter ” Liberty” by William Hitchcock   Dimensions:  Glass Case:   HT:16 1/2″ x  Lgth. 13″ x W 71/4″                   Model:  L Overall: 12″   Deck L 8″   W  2 3/4″   Overall Ht. 11″ Presented is a beautifully executed model of the Revenue Cutter “Liberty” […]

Skipjack “Louisa”
Half Hull Model

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Model of "Louisa"

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Model of “Louisa” Dimensions Model  Overall 19″  (with boom and bowsprit) Hull with rudder and skeg  2 1/2″   Backboard: 21 3/4″ by 7″ Price:  $350.00                Shiping:  $35.00 BUY NOW Presented is a very well-executed model of the “Handscraper” “Louisa”, built in the Little Choptank […]

Friendship Sloop Model
on Boatyard Ramp

Friendship Sloop Model on Boatyard Ramp

Beautifully Detailed Friendship Sloop Model  Showing Hauled Out on Boatyard Ramp   Dimensions: Model Overall Lgth:  19″   Draft: 3″  Ht to top f mast: 16 1/2″ Lgth of Planked Ramp: 22″ Presented is a very nicely detailed model of the famous Friendship Sloop in diorama style on a cradle on a slanted planked boatyard ramp. […]

Model of 19th Century
Classic Whaleboat

Classic 19th Century Whaleboat with Whaling Equipment

Classic 19th Century Whaleboat with Whaling Equipment Dimensions: 37″ Lgth        34″ Ht           7 1/2″ Width Weight:  4 lbs. Presented is a beautiful and exceptionally well-done model of a classic 19th Century Whaleboat.  Price:  $1100.00           Shipping:  $225.00 BUY NOW It comes fully equipped with all […]

19th Century Builder’s
Half Hull Model of Steamship

Large Half Hull Builder's Model of 19th Century Steamship

Large Half Hull Builder’s Model of 19th Century Steamship   Dimensions Model: 45 1/2″L  x 3″ Beam x 4 3/4″ deck to keel Backboard:  49 1/2″ x 8 3/4″ x 1/2″ Weight: 12 Lbs. Presented is an interesting Builder’s Half Hull model of what we believe to be a Steamship of the period.  It was […]

Admiralty Model
of British Ship Hermes
by William Hitchcock


EXCEPTIONAL ADMIRALTY MODEL OF BRITISH SHIP “HERMES” By William Hitchcock Presented is an exceptionally fine Admiralty Model of the 20 Gun, three-masted British barque “Hermes”. The Admiralty Model style refers to the specific construction method of Plank-on-Frame. In this style, the inside structure of the hull is generally the exact replicated miniature of the actual […]

Scottish Clipper Ship Model

AntiqueScottish Clipper Ship Model ADINO

ANTIQUE SCOTTISH CLIPPER SHIP MODEL ADINO of ARBROATH Presented is a carefully handcrafted full rigged model of the Scottish Clipper ADINO with a varnished Mahogany hull, deck and spars. This three masted full rigged ship was  made by a model maker using the plank on frame method of construction. Each handmade  plank is fitted to the curves of the hull and held […]

Four Masted Bark
Large Vintage Sailor-made Model
Ca 1920

 FOUR MASTED BARK “PRIWALL” Flying P Line Sailor-made Model Presented is a scratch built model of one of the last of the large clipper ships that carried the world’s commerce under sail. A sailor made model of this size and quality is a rare find and especially desirable because she is accurate down to the last […]

Antique Diorama of
Sailing Ship

AMERICAN FULL RIGGED SHIP ALBUS DIORAMA SAILOR MADE MODEL Ca 1870 With Historic Provenance Case 30″ L x 21″ H x 5″ D             Model Length Overall  21″ L x 15″ H x 2“ D              Length on Deck 15“ Presented is a crusty looking model of a three masted full […]

Vintage Steam Powered Tramp Steamer Model Ship RC Ready

Vintage Steam Powered Tramp Steamer Model Ship RC Ready Vintage Boiler Powered Tramp Steamer Model ShipRadio Control Ready Adult Supervision Suggested! LOA 36 1/2 BEAM 6 1/2″ DRAFT 1″ HEIGHT WEIGHT< 5 Lbs 5 oz Presented is a vintage, handcrafted, scratch-built, wood model of an un-named steam-powered ship model that follows the design of the tramp steamers that plied the world’s oceans form 1910 […]