Folk Art Bas Relief Plaque
Of SS “Catherine Apcar”

BAS RELIEF PLAQUE OF SS “CATHERINE APCAR” 1908 Bas relief Half Hull Bas Relief of”SS CATHERINE APCAR” on painted background Framed 35″ x 24″ x 1″ Weight 12 1/2 lbs We think that these Bas Relief 3 dimensional pieces of seafaring art, as they encompass both half hull and diorama aspects, make fine and interesting […]

Sculpture of
Builders Offshore Racing Boat Model

AUTHENTIC BUILDER’S CONCEPT MODEL OFFSHORE RACER   Presented is an original hull of the builder’s concept model designed by Daniel J. McCarthy of a custom offshore racer that was intended to compete in the outboard class of various organizations sponsoring offshore powerboat racing. To the best of our knowledge the actual race boat was never […]

Lapstrake Sailing Dinghy
Model Scratch Built Antique

SCRATCH BUILT LAPSTRAKE SAILING DINGHY Design Dates to Ca 1895 It has a bronze centerboard and tiller holder which makes this a true antique pond yacht. Displayed on its stand, it becomes a fine work of maritime Folk Art. DIMENSIONS: 18″ L x 28 3/4″ H in Stand 7″ Beam    Weight 1 lbs 14 oz Presented is a scratch built, hand crafted sailing dinghy with […]

Large American Brig Rigged Ship
in Bottle of Quality

LARGE AMERICAN VINTAGE BRIG RIGGED SHIP IN BOTTLE Signed & Dated, High Quality!  This vintage model of a 19th Century brig rigged sailing vessel flying the American flag is housed in a gallon jug. It is patterned after the type of trading vessel that plied the world’s oceans. The studding sails add a touch of authenticity rarely, if ever, seen on a ship […]

Bas Relief Folk Art
Model of Clipper Ship

FAMOUS CLIPPER SHIP FLYING CLOUD MODEL CARVED IN BAS RELIEF Bas relief carving     Signed on reverse UR      Framed 17 3/4″x 14 3/4″  Viewing area   13 5/8″ x 10 1/4″  Presented is a handsome bas relief, wood carving, of the famous Clipper Ship Flying Cloud by known carver, James Keating, who was […]

Large Antique
Cased Builder’s Model
of New Zealand 1909 Steamship “Ruahine”

WITHDRAWN FROM SALE! ANTIQUE BUILDER’S MODEL OF 1909 STEAMSHIP RUAHINE       Handcrafted Model of the New Zealand Steamship Liner!   Presented is a Cased Builder’s Model of SS Ruahine, the second ship of this name built for the New Zealand Shipping Company Limited in 1909. The ship was 480 ft. between perpendiculars with a beam of  60 ft. and […]

Royal Cutter Yacht Model
Ca 1760

ANTIQUE MODEL of UNNAMED BRITISH 8 GUN ROYAL CUTTER Scratch Built Unnamed 18th Century Royal Model Model size: 42” LOA (Length overall)  28” LOD   (Length on deck) 38 ¼” from bottom of base to top of mast  8” molded beam.    Scale 1”= 2.5’    Ratio 1:30 Length of vessel 70 Feet The simple rig of this vessel with a a jib and foresail […]

Pilot Boat Schooner
Ca 1800 Ship Boat Model

SOLD OUT & DISCONTINUED! VIRGINIA PILOT SCHOONER “KATY” CA 1800     DIMENSIONS: LOA 36 1/2″ LOD 22″, LWL 23″ Beam 9 1/2″ Draft 3″, Overall height 34 1/2″    WEIGHT 13 pounds Presented is a model of an early Virginia pilot boat that was made by a master craftsman using composite materials. It is in new condition. The vessel’s name is […]

Fine Handcrafted
Famous American Clipper Ship
“Queen of Clippers”

FINE AMERICAN CLIPPER SHIP  Carefully Handmade and Authentic to Original Presentedis a carefully handcrafted full rigged model of a classic American three masted Clipper Ship,QUEEN OF CLIPPERS, that was made by a professional model maker. The hull is carved from a solid block of wood with exceptional attention to detail, and is mounted on an antique hand carved base and enclosed in a glazed […]

Steam Yacht ARROW
Builder’s Model
Ca 1902

WORLD RECORD HOLDER AMERICAN STEAM YACHT BUILDER’S MODEL Ca 1902 MODEL DIMENSIONS:Scale: 1″ = 6 ft. Overall Length: 21″; Beam: 1 3/4″ Depth: 1 3/4″ (Deck to bottom of keel)Case: 27 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ Weight: 12 pounds Presented is a handcrafted builder’s model whose origin has been lost with time, but […]