Model of 1883 Gatling Cannon
on Classic Field Carriage

Model of 1883 Gatling Cannon with Hartford, Conn. Lable Dimensions:  Overall Lgth: 14 1/4″          Cannon Lgth:  8 1/2″         Overall Ht:  8″        Wt:  4 lbs 9 oz. Presented is a very nicely done model of an 1883 Gatling Cannon, typical of the Civil War Period. Turning […]

Miniature Set of Navigation Plotting Tools
19th Century

Set of Miniature Plotting Tools of Whale Ivory in Sharkskin Covered Wood Case 19th Century Case measurements:  6 1/2″ Ht                  2 3/4″ Width   Sharkskin Case Presented is a very unusual set of navigation plotting tools miniaturized and fitted in an elegant sharkskin-covered wood case.  The case […]

Bronze Signal Cannon

1898 U.S. Bronze Signal Cannon Presented is an impressive bronze field signal cannon on  bronze wheels and steel carriage.  The barrel is engraved with the imprint “U S”   and 1898.  We don’t have any specific provenance on this fine post-Civil War piece, but there are definite indications of much use over the years.  The barrel […]

Desco Navy
MK V Dive Knife

Desco Navy Mark V Dive Knife Steel, bronze & wood Made 20th Century Overall Dimensions Knife 13 3/4″ in sheath                 Blade 6 7/8″x 1 x 1/8              Hilt 6″ x 1 1/4″        Weight: 3 lbs. 3/8 oz. Presented is a […]

Beetle Catboat
Half Hull Model

Half Hull Model Variation of A Beetle Catboat  Dimensions:  Lgth on Deck: 19″     Beam:  3″     Draft wth Centerboard down:  4″          Backboard:  24″ x 11″    Wt:  5 lbs. Presented is a very nice half-hull model of what we believe to be a Beetle Catboat. We think that the design […]

Large Rare Raymond Releasing Hook
& Wood Block

Very Large Raymond Releasing Hook & Wood Block Presented is a very rare wood block and releasing hook that was in use during the early 1900s. One of its primary uses is for lowering a heavy boat, like a whaleboat or life-saving launch, into the water.  When the vessel or item being lowered hits the […]

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack
Model of “Captain Lee”

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Model “Captain Lee” Presented is a fine model of the classic Chesapeake Bay Skipjack, “Captain Lee”,  oyster dredging workboat. Dimensions:  Lg-overall: 31 1/2″    Lg on Deck: 23″   Beam:  5″   Deck to keel: 4 1/2″   Base: 17″ x 6 1/4″ We don’t know who made the model, but it was done by […]

Ornate Mortar Cannon Model

Decorative Mortar Cannon Model     Presented is a highly decorative model of a mortar.  It is secrued in a solid wood and metal carriage, also with lifting pins at the four corners.  There are what we belive to be “Swiss Crosses” both on the carriage and mortar.  Besided the Swiss Cross on the mortar, […]

Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.

Pelorus By Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.   Boston Presented is a large pelorus made by old-line instrument maker, Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co. of Boston.  It is housed on a gimbal inside a large wood case. Because of its size, we feel that this would have been installed on the bridge of […]

Life Ring from WW II Victory Ship
“Brandon Victory”

Life Ring from WW II Victory Ship “Brandon Victory”   Dimensions: Overall Dia.  30″         Width of Ring: 6 1/2″       Depth: 3 1/4″       Weight:  12 lbs. Presented is a bit of Naval Ship history in the form of a Life-Saving Ring off of one of the “Victory Ships” that […]