U.S. Navy Silver Quarterdeck Bell<br> from USS Piedmont (AD-17)

U.S. Navy Quarterdeck Bell off the USS Piedmont (AD-17) Dimensions:  Ht 7″ Diameter at Base: 8″ Wt: 6 lbs, 3 oz.   Presented is the first of these Navy bells that we’ve had the pleasure to offer.  The former owner of the bell acquired it as the ship was being decommissioned and transferred to the […]

Lionel 4″ Navy Boat Compass

Lionel Corp. 4″ Small Boat Compass Ca 1940 Presented is an early, 1940 U.S. Navy boxed small boat compass by Lionel Corporation of New York.   The Lionel Corporation during WWII  suspended the manufacture of toy trains to join the war effort. This fine instrument is marked 4″ BOAT COMPASS /Mark I (N) No. 5342, 1940 […]

Genealogical Tree<br> of British Naval Victories<br> Ca 1841

Engraving  Genealogical Tree of British Naval Victories  by H. Innes Dedicated to William the Fourth Ca 1841 Dimensions:  Framed  31 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ x 1″              Viewing Area:  29 1/2″ x 21 1/2″           Weight: 10 lbs. Presented is a very fine large engraving of a […]

Chesapeake Bay <br>Oyster Buy Boat Model

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Buy Boat Model     Presented is a beautifully done model of the classic Chesapeake Oyster Buy Boat.  This is a large model of this very fine historic Chesapeake Bay workboat.  Model Dimensions: Overall Length: 37″       Beam: 9″        Draft: Deck to Bottom: 8″    Overall Ht. (Top […]

A. Robinson & Co, Ltd.<br>Bridge Telegraph<br> Ca 1920s

A. Robinson & Co. Ltd. Engine Room Telegraph  Ca 1920s Presented is a full-size, two control, Engine Order Telegraph for the bridge from A. Robinson & Co. Ltd. of Liverpool and Glasgow, whose operations date back to 1780. In 1968, Robinson was purchased by the largest maker of these devices, Chadburn’s, who at one time […]

Nautilus Shell<br> on Double Spiral Wood Stand

Nautilus Shell on Double Spiral Wood Stand   Dimensions            Ht:  11″           Width:  6 1/2″             Wt:  11 oz. Presented is a lvery fine Nautilus Shell on a spiraled wood pedestal. This is a dramatic and lovely decorative addition to any decor, especially […]

Nautilus Shell<br> on Spiral Wood Pedestal

 Nautilus Shell on SpiralWood Pedestal Dimensions                  Ht:  12 ”           Width: 7″       Wt:  15 oz. Presented is a Large Nautilus Shell on a spiraled wood pedestal. This is a dramatic and lovely decorative addition to any decor, especially ones going for a […]

America’s Cup Contenders<br>1890<br> From the Illustrated American Magazine

Lithograph by Fred S. Cozzens   1890 “The Illustrated American” America’s Cup Contenders   Dimensions 19 3/4″ x 15 3/4″   Presented is a nicely framed lithograph from the magazine, “The Illustrated American”, dated 1890. It is by Fred S. Cozzens and depicts some of the contenders for the America’s Cup race during that period. They […]

F. Smith & Son<br> Yacht Binnacle

F. Smith & Son – Southampton, U.K. Early 20th Century Yacht Binnacle with Sestrel Compass     Dimensions Base Diameter – 9″      Ht – 10″ Dia. of Front Viewing Port  5″        Compass Dia.  4″         Weight   6 lbs. 8 oz. F.Smith & Son, Southampton, U.K., were chandlery retailers […]

Unusual Triangular<br> Nautical Cabin Lamp

Beautiful Cabin Lamp Very Unusual Shape Presented is an unusual shaped maritime brass cabin light. This is a great example if you are looking for something for a nautical decor accent that will not be seen elsewhere.  We have not been able to identify the maker, but think it is likely that it has a […]