U.S. Calvary Officer’s Presentation Sword
by Henderson-Ames

Turn of the 20th Century U.S.  Cavalry Officer’s Presentation  Sword Presented is a very fine U.S. Cavalry Officer’s Presentation Sword by the Henderson-Ames Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dimensions:  Overall Lgth: n 37 1/4″     Blade Lgth: 31″   Width: 5/8″    Wt:  2 lbs, 3 5/8 oz.  Hilt Lgth:  5 3/4″ In 1893, the Henderson-Ames Company […]

French Naval Boarding Cutlass
by Chatellerault Armory 1847

French Naval Boarding Cutlass with Scabbard by Chatellerault Armory 1847   Dimensions:        Blade Length:  26 1/2″″              Overall Length: 33″           Width of blade: 1 3/8″      Depth of blade: 5/8″    Presented is hard to find French Model 1833 naval boarding cutlass, known […]

U.S. Naval Officer’s
Model 1852 Dress Sword

U.S. NAVAL OFFICER’S Model 1852 Dress Sword With Belt Named to Birge Swift Thompson     DIMENSIONS: Blade: 11/16th inch wide, 1/8 inch thick, 32″ long Grip 5 3/4″ long. Length overall 37 3/4″   Scabbard 33″ Fuller 21″ x 7/16th“ Weight sword 2 Lbs 13 1/4 oz    CONDITION: The leather scabbard has been renewed, […]

Nepalize Gurkha
Khukri Knife

Nepalize Gurkha Khukri  Knife     Dimensions:   Length – 17″               Lgth of Blade – 12 1/4″               Width at widest part of Blade – 2″  Weight – 1 lb. 2 oz The Khukri is possibly the most recognizable and famous fighting knife ever developed. […]

French Naval
Boarding Cutlass

   French 1837 Naval Boarding Cutass This is the 1837 variant of the French M1833 Naval Cutlass. The 1837 is basically the same as the 1833, except instead of a large bowl guard, it has a more conventional low-profile D-guard allowing left-handed seamen to use it. The blade is in excellent condition with the some […]

Pattern 1907
British Bayonet

Pattern 1907 British Bayonet  Pattern 1907 bayonet, officially called the Sword bayonet, pattern 1907 (Mark I), was a British bayonet designed to be used with the Short Magazine Lee Enfield(SMLE) rifle. It was  used by the British and Commonwealth forces throughout both the First and Second World Wars.   The markings on this interesting piece indicate […]

War of 1812
Officer’s Eagle Head Sword
Simon Helvig Fils

Officer’s Eagle Head Sword Simon Helvig Fils  with ornate Scabbard War 1812   DIMENSIONS:Sword 33 1/4 long overall. 28 5/8″ blade length Max width of blade 5/8″ Sword weight 2 lbs 2 oz Max thickness 1/4″ Fuller 1/2″ W x 15″ L         False edge 12″ Presented is a straight eagle head officer’s sword that is decidedly of French origin. Its straight blade suggests […]

Ames 1862 Civil War Period
Naval Cutlass

Ames 1862 Naval Cutlass     Again Authorized for CPO’s Presented is an Ames Civil War M1860 cutlass, dated 1862, without the maker’s imprint on the reverse ricasso or an Ames serial number, but the hilt shows extensive use. Except for the missing maker’s imprint and the lack of inspector’s stamps, and serial number, this […]

U.S. Navy Model 1862
Officer’s Presentation Sword

BY I. BERNSTEIN, BROOKLYN Early 20th Century Inscribed to M.J. Lenny Length Overall 36″ long       Blade 29 ¾” long by 6/8″ wide 1/4″ Thick,        Sword weighs 1 lbs. 7 oz. Presented is a vintage M1852 named naval officer’s sword by I. Bernstein of Brooklyn, NY. The blade has an etched and […]

Horse Head
Georgian Era
Officer’s Short Sword

RARE HORSE HEAD GEORGIAN OFFICER’S SHORT SWORD Ca 1801 SOLINGEN BLADE   NAPOLEONIC ERA OFFICER’S SHORT SWORD Presented is an Georgian Period King George III, (1738-1820) very rare Horse Head officer’s short sword which measures 28 1/4 inches overall, and has a slightly curved 23 1/2 inch blade. The wide single fuller, from the ricasso to […]