English 2 3/4 Terrestial Celestial Pocket Globe Miniature 18th Cent ENGLISH 2 3/4 INCH TERRESTRIAL & CELESTIAL POCKET GLOBE UNSIGNED 18th CENTURY GLOBE SIZE 2 3/4 inch diameter                                         WEIGHT 3 1/4 ounces Presented is an outstanding example of a 2 3/4 inch pocket globe that dates back to the 18th Century. It is stored in a round wood sphere […]

U.S. Navy Battleship Binnacle
By A. Lietz Company San Francisco

Presented is probably the most impressive large ship binnacle we’ve had the pleasure to offer. The model is referred to as “Torpedo Style”. It was manufactured by the A. Lietz Company of San Francisco. The compass is by the Lionel Corporation of N.Y. and is dated 1944. The pedestal and compass housing are bronze with […]

Bronze and Brass
Mushroon Style
Small Boat Binnacle

 SMALL BOAT  MUSHROOM BINNACLE Polished brass small boat binnacle reads “PATT 1151A Compass” on front. The Alcohol filled compass card measures 3 ⅞”, marked in 10 degree increments and is operating correctly.  There is a side burner with a screw- on vented top.  The front window flips open.  Both the compass and the very heavy […]

Beautiful Victorian Style Skylight Binnacle

BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN STYLE SKYLIGHT BINNACLE PRESENTED is a very unusual style Skylight or Cathedral Binnacle on a very decorative black cast iron stand. Neither the binnacle casing or the compass has any maker’s mark, so we don’t know where it originated, but think the style puts in at the turn of the 20th century. It’s […]

Antique Negus Dry Card
Tell Tale Compass
Ca 1880

ANTIQUE NEGUS DRY CARD TELL TALE COMPASS Ca 1880 Shown Above in Overhead Position & Below as it would Display. Outstanding Original Condition: Telltale or tell tale compasses are one of the rarest found. This one is a perfect example of a mid 19th Century captain’s cabin compass. It has a special dry card for viewing when it is […]

Vintage SESTREL Hand Bearing Compass Mint

Vintage SESTREL Hand Bearing Compass Mint ORIGINAL SESTREL HAND BEARING COMPASS byLilley & Gilley, London>HENRY BROWNE, “SESTREL” HAND BEARING COMPASS – An Original     Presented> is a Sestrel hand bearing compass originally designed and made by Henry Browne & Co., Barking, London England who was followed by Lilley & Gilley around 1975 when they purchased the […]

Kelvin & Hughes
Small Boat Desktop Binnacle

HUGHES SMALL BOAT DESKTOP BINNACLE Presented is a charming small boat binnacle by Kelvin & Hughes, England. We are estimating the age as post WW II period. The compass, which is swinging freely, is marked  Kelvin& Hughes, with marks in 10 degree increments and classic cardinal and sub cardinal points.   Close-up of the compass […]

Giant Vintage Polished
Brass Skylight Binnacle

GIANT VINTAGE POLISHED BRASS SKYLIGHT BINNACLE BY WILFRID O. WHITE, Ca 1935 With ORIGINAL SPHERICAL COMPASS PRESENTEDon the viewer’s left is a giant skylight or cathedral binnacle with an original Spherical Compass that was invented by Wilfrid O. White. The design dates to January 6, 1931 under Patent number 1987383 which was granted on January 8, 1935. This […]

U.S. Navy
Bureau of Ships
Lifeboat Binnacle

VERY RARE ANTIQUE U.S. NAVY BUREAU OF SHIPS LIFEBOAT BINNACLE BY LIONEL CORPORATION >Presented is an early, 1942 U.S. Navy Lifeboat Binnacle by Lionel Corporation. This standard U.S. Navy lifeboat binnacle is constructed of brass and copper, and made by The Lionel Corporation during WWII when the company suspended manufacture of toy trains to join […]

Copper Case Skylight Binnacle
with E.S. Ritchie & Sons Compass

SKYLIGHT BINNACLE WITH RARE ANTIQUE E.S. RITCHIE & SONS COMPASS This unusual skylight or cathedral binnacle makes a dramatic statement. It is a perfect gift or would serve as an interesting addition to any nautical decor Presented is a very unusual Skylight style binnacle, with a E.S. Ritchie & Sons compass. We have no idea […]