Rare 1942 Morse
Navy MK V Dive Helmet
Display Condition

RARE 1942 MORSE NAVY MK V DIVING HELMET NEAR FULLY TINNED STAND NOT INCLUDED Presented is a very rare, because of its tinning, 12 bolt, 4 light Morse Navy MK V diving helmet that was made in 1942 six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Because the helmet has almost all […]

Heinke 12 Bolt Round Corselet
Dive Helmet

FAMOUS HEINKE 12 BOLT ROUND CORSELET DIVE HELMET Stand Not Included Presented is a very rare Heinke12 Bolt Round Corselet dive helmet. Heinke used gun metal when they began production of helmets in quantity. This helmet is copper and brass, with much of the tinning evident, and in excellent condition. It was believed that about […]

1942 WW II Navy MK V
Dive Helmet

1942 SCHRADER WW II U.S. NAVY MK V DIVING HELMET STANDUS Navy Inspection StampSchrader was one of the original maker’s of NavyMK V’s during        WW II. Owned Since the 1970’s by a private party!TOTAL WEIGHT:53 lbs  BONNET: 31 lbs     BREAST PLATE: 22 lbs SERIAL NUMBER:    705 A          DATE: Oct– 1942 STAND NOT INCLUDED Presented is a high […]

U.S. Navy Shipboard
Fire Fighting Equipmment

Large Nozzle for Fire Fighting Hose Both Sides Hose Nozzle for shipboard firefighting and water disbursement. Overall Dimension: L 21 3/4″ x W 4 1/4″           Weight: 5 lbs. 9 1/2 oz.             Material: Brass and Bronze Markings: Odenius – Goteborg Rockwood Water Fog Nozzle, specifically manufactured for the US Navy.   Close-up […]

French Dive Knife
Contemporary WW II Design

FRENCH DIVING KNIFE WW II CONTEMPORARY DESIGN! POLISHED FRENCH DIVE KNIFE: Steel & Brass No Markings             Weight 3 lbs 13 oz Made 20th Century Overall Dimension knife 12 1/2“ Blade 7” x 1 1/8” x 5/16” Hilt 4 1/4“ x 1 3/8“  x 1 3/8” Sheath 8 3/8“ L x 1 1/2“ Dia Presented is a […]

1944 Miller-Dunn
Navy MK V Dive Helmet

1944 MILLER-DUNN U.S. NAVY STAND NOT INCLUDED TOTAL WEIGHT: 51 1/2 lbs BONNET: 30 1/2 lbs       BREAST PLATE: 21 lbs SERIAL  NUMBER: 2XX 8.1.1943   Presented is one of the very rare U.S. Navy Miller-Dunn MK V helmets with serial number 2XX out of the 1200 that were made during WW II. It has about 95 […]

Joe Savoie
Dive Helmet
Low Single Digit Serial Number

RARE JOE SAVOIE DIVE HELMET Low Single Digit Serial Number >Sold by Private Treaty. Listed as a matter of record! DIMENSIONS: 10″ H x 13 1/2″ W x 14″ D Presented is one of the early fiber light weight dive helmets designed by Joe Savoie of Boutte, Louisiana in the 1960’s. Joe revolutionized dive helmet […]

Desco Navy
MK V Dive Knife

Desco Navy Mark V Dive Knife Steel, bronze & wood Made 20th Century Overall Dimensions Knife 13 3/4″ in sheath                 Blade 6 7/8″x 1 x 1/8              Hilt 6″ x 1 1/4″        Weight: 3 lbs. 3/8 oz. Presented is a […]

Morse Commercial Dive Helmet
Ca 1905

Early Morse Commercial Dive Helmet 1905 Dimensions:18 ½” H x 15 ½” W x 15” W Weight: 43 1/2 lbs. lbs STAND NOT INCLUDED Presented is a very early 3 lite commercial diving helmet made by A. J. Morse & Sons, Boston, Mass. Ca 1905. This hat appears very similar to those pictured in the […]