Early French Hunting Sword
Ca 1760
Museum Owned

    Presented is an early hunting sword with a finely made leather covered hilt that is wrapped with two strands of braided copper wire, all of which is in near perfect condition with everything tight. This hilt design was popular in early America from about 1650 to 1800, and in Europe, and England during the same period. The […]

Eagle Head Saber
Pierced Guard
Ca 1805

KETLAND STYLE EAGLE HEAD SABER RARE PIERCED GUARD Ca 1805 – 1815 Presented is an eagle head saber which because of its pierced guard, is very rare. It was made for the American Market in England. It has a reeded bone grip which is in perfect condition, and a curved polished blade. The hilt’s cross […]

US Navy
Full Dress Sword & Cocked Hat Kit

U.S. NAVY FULL DRESS COCKED HAT, SWORD BELT, EPAULET KIT Ca 1939 French Gold Bullion! Presented is a cocked hat, sword belt rig, and epaulets of the highest quality and extremely rare for someone of this rank to have worn for “Dress”. It is in “Near New” condition and shows only the slightest evidence of use. Because the wearing […]


ANTIQUE DUTCH HEMBRUG “KLEWANG” M 1898 CUTLASSGUARANTEED   DUTCH HEMBRUG KLEWANG NAVAL CUTLASS M 1898   Presented is a first rate Dutch military and naval Cutlass commonly known as a Klewang in its original scabbard, and in excellent condition with the sharpest slightly curved 24 inch blade we’ve ever touched. It is stamped HEMBRUG at the ricasso on one side […]

Antique Eagle Head Naval Officers Sword Ca 1825 Pedigree

ANTIQUE U.S. EAGLE HEADED NAVAL OFFICERS SWORD  GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC      Presented in overall excellent untouched condition is a 29″ straight blade, famous eagle headed Naval Officer’s sword. It’s blued and gilded blade is in exceptional original condition, and has an engraved flower motif.  There is a fuller (blood drain) which runs almost 15 inches down its blade that becomes double edged from there to […]

Original Ames M1832 Short Sword Scabbard Foot Soldier

With rare Sam Huse, Newburyport imprint   Presented is an Ames short sword with a nicely polished blade and its original scabbard. It resembles a Roman infantry sword. It was first made as the Model 1832 and issued to regular artillery regiments and infantry. The Ames short sword appeared in their catalog as Number 350. This example is complete and in excellent […]


RARE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR DAGGER OR NAVAL DIRK              Unusual and well made “American Revolutionary” fighting dirk of large size Presented is a highly unusual large dagger or dirk that dates from the late 17th or early 18th Century. It likely is European in origin and found its way over here prior to our Revolutionary War. This […]

Antique Flintlock Pistol by Aubert Fine Condition Ca 1825

ANTIQUE FLINTLOCK PISTOL BY AUBERT FINE CONDITION  Ca 1825 Presented is a classic design flintlock pistol with a smooth bore octagonal barrel with a single mark of AVBERT on its right cheek plate. There are no other markings. It is in “Fine” condition with all machinery present and in working order. There is a tiny piece […]

SCHERMULY Line Gun Pistol The Full Kit

  RARE CARRYING CASE FOR SCHERMULYBRITISH LIFE SAVING LINE THROWING DEVICE   THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM IN LONDON  HAS NO EXAMPLES of the CASE!     Presented is an authentic carrying case for a line throwing pistol of pre-WW II vintage. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DEVICE OR ANY WEAPON. The case held an example that was exactly like the Schermuly […]


                                 USN M1917 Cutlass: LOA 29 3/4″  Grip 4 3/4″ Width 1 3/8″  Fuller  14 3/4″ x 3/8″  False edge  2 1/4″ Thickness 1/8″ Weight 1.75 lbs  without scabbard             Middle picture M1898 Dutch Hemberg Klewang: LOA 29 1/8″  Grip 4 3/4″ Width 1 1/4″ Fuller 14 3/4″ x 1/4″ False edge 1 3/4 Thickness 1/8″  1.63 lbs                                   Bottom picture Presented for sale […]