Museum Quality
Double Frame Sextant
by Crichton – London
Early 1800s

Beautiful Double Frame Sextant by Crichton of London Ca.  The early 1800s   Presented is a beautiful polished brass 20-pillar double-frame sextant with a mahogany handle by John Crichton of London.  The double-frame brass sextants are especially beautiful and dramatic examples of this period. In good condition, they are becoming harder to find. This design […]

Miniature Set of Navigation Plotting Tools
19th Century

Set of Miniature Plotting Tools of Whale Ivory in Sharkskin Covered Wood Case 19th Century Case measurements:  6 1/2″ Ht                  2 3/4″ Width   Sharkskin Case Presented is a very unusual set of navigation plotting tools miniaturized and fitted in an elegant sharkskin-covered wood case.  The case […]

Pocket or Box Sextant
by T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London

 Pocket or Box Sextant By T.Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London Presented in an unusual Pocket or Box sextant by the renowned instrument maker T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd. London & York.   In 1855 Cooke exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris and won a First Class Medal for a 7.5-inch equatorial refractor. By 1855, […]

Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.

Pelorus By Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.   Boston Presented is a large pelorus made by old-line instrument maker, Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co. of Boston.  It is housed on a gimbal inside a large wood case. Because of its size, we feel that this would have been installed on the bridge of […]

Unusual Diamond Pattern Frame Sextant
by Norie of London
Ca 1800

Beautiful Diamond Pattern Sextant by Norie of London   Presented is an exceptionally fine Sextant by Norie of London, dated approximately 1800 – to early 19th Century.  It is the first of these that we have offered with the very attractive Diamond design frame.  This is a beautiful museum equality instrument by a well-known maker […]

Henry Hughes & Son
Three Ring Sextant
Pristine Condition

Henry Hughes & Son Three Ring Sextant In Like New Presentation Condition   Presented is an Extra fine World War II Era mariner’s sextant with an extended arc from  -5 to +130 degrees that almost equals a quintant. It has a graduated insert made of a proprietary metal that Hughes called “Platina“ (platinum) arc and vernier, […]

Troughton & Simms
Double Frame Sextant-Quintant

Troughton & Simms  Double Frame Sextant/Quintant TROUGHTON & SIMMS were the best of the English instrument makers. This instrument dates from their partnership. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an important gift Presented is a very fine double frame sextant by one of the most renowned instrument makers,  Troughton & […]

British War Office Binoculars

British Admiralty & War Office  Binoculars WWI & WWII By Ross Presented is a fine pair of Ross Binoculars made for the British War Office  during the both the First and Second WWs.  These are a classic pair of brass and leather military style binoculars used extensively by the British  during the first part of […]

T. Harris’s Sons,
London Day or Night
Admiralty Telescope

Presented is a very large, high quality, British Naval pattern, single draw brass and fine wood telescope from a well-known optician at the turn of the 20th Century, Thos. Harris & Sons. It is engraved, T. Harris & Son – London, Day or Night.