Unusual Diamond Pattern Frame Sextant<br> by Norie of London<br> Ca 1800

Beautiful Diamond Pattern Sextant by Norie of London   Presented is an exceptionally fine Sextant by Norie of London, dated approximately 1800 – to early 19th Century.  It is the first of these that we have offered with the very attractive Diamond design frame.  This is a beautiful museum equality instrument by a well-known maker […]

Henry Hughes & Son<br> Three Ring Sextant<br> Pristine Condition

Henry Hughes & Son Three Ring Sextant In Like New Presentation Condition   Presented is an Extra fine World War II Era mariner’s sextant with an extended arc from  -5 to +130 degrees that almost equals a quintant. It has a graduated insert made of a proprietary metal that Hughes called “Platina“ (platinum) arc and vernier, […]

Troughton & Simms<br> Double Frame Sextant-Quintant

Troughton & Simms  Double Frame Sextant/Quintant TROUGHTON & SIMMS were the best of the English instrument makers. This instrument dates from their partnership. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an important gift Presented is a very fine double frame sextant by one of the most renowned instrument makers,  Troughton & […]

Ross<BR> British War Office Binoculars<br> WW I & II

British Admiralty & War Office  Binoculars WWI & WWII By Ross Presented is a fine pair of Ross Binoculars made for the British War Office  during the both the First and Second WWs.  These are a classic pair of brass and leather military style binoculars used extensively by the British  during the first part of […]

U.S. Navy<br> Big Eye Binocurlars

U.S. Navy “Big Eyes” Binoculars BIG EYES 25/40/100 BINOCULARS 5 STARS CHINESE MILITARY PATTERN – RUSSIAN OPTICS   This is the ultimate optical instrument for terrestrial observation. If you have a home with a view, enjoy it to the utmost with this magnificent instrument. We use the term Big Eyes as it was applied to […]

British Admiralty Pattern<br> Single Draw Marine Telescope<br> Spy Glass Ca 1875

British Admiralty Pattern Single Draw Marine Telescope – Spy Glass Ca 1875  Late 19th century telescopes in are increasingly difficult to find in good original condition. This is one of the Admiralty designs which makes it special. Presented is a very large, high quality, British Admiralty pattern, single draw telescope designed specifically for marine use. It is in remarkable condition for […]