C. Plath
Navistar “Classic” Sextant

C. Plath Navistar Classic Sextant Presented is a very fine example of a post-war C. Plath sextant,  Serial No. 63023. It comes with its nicely finished and cushioned Mahogany case with a  wide angle 4 x 40 coated optics telescope. The original certificate dated 12/8/83 issued by C Plath is included. This is an excellent […]

Berge Ramsden Sextant
Later 18th Century

Berge of London – Late Ramsden Sextant Presented is a highly collectible and exceptional instrument engraved with the Berge London – Late Ramsden insignia.  Mathew Berge was an apprentice to Jesse Ramsden who was one of the foremost developers and designers of instruments for celestial navigation in the 18th and 19th centuries. This classic Diamond […]

Spencer Browning & Rust
Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant
Early to Mid 19th Century

Spencer, Browning & Rust London Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant Early to Mid 19th Century Industrial art at its finest and an outstanding presentation piece for those who especially appreciate early maritime history Presented is a beautiful museum quality polished brass 18-pillar double-frame sextant with an ebony handle by Spencer Browning & Rust London.  This fine […]

British Royal Navy Binnacle
Early 20th Century

Classic Royal Navy Binnacle Early 20th Century Presented is an example of a classic British Royal Navy Binnacle in use at the turn of the 20th Century. We are unable to identify the compass maker in this fine piece as the name on the compass is obscured. We do see the initials W B T […]

Frodsham & Keen – Liverpool
3 Ring Sextant/Quintant

Frodsham & Keen of Liverpool Sextant/Quintant Early 20th Century Presented is an antique quintant, meaning a sextant having a range of 144°, or an arc of 72°, by Frodsham and Keen of Liverpool, England, dated October of 1920. (There is an identical instrument by this constructor shown in” Sextants At Greenwich” from the National Maritime […]

RareTulip Pattern
Mid 19th Century
Brass Sextant

Rare and Unusual Tulip Pattern Sextant Mid 19th Century Inscribed “L. Vandervoodt Cornet  Antwerp”   Presented is a beautiful brass sextant with a “Tulip” design frame.  In our research, we were only able to find one example of this design, also inscribed on the arc with a name that was thought to be the seller […]

Pocket Sextant
By Cary of London

Miniature Pocket Sextant by Cary of London Dimensions:    Dia. at base: 3″,  Overall Ht: 2 3/4″    Wt:  1 lb. 1 oz. Presented is a fine example of a pocket or box sextant by Cary of London.  It is secured to a brass base for ease of viewing the celestial object.  The bottom of […]

Large Nautilus Shell on Spiral Wood Stand

 Nautilus Shell on SpiralWood Pedestal Dimensions                  Ht:  12 ”           Width: 7″       Wt:  15 oz. Presented is a Large Nautilus Shell on a spiraled wood pedestal. This is a dramatic and lovely decorative addition to any decor, especially ones going for a […]

American School Painting
“Hannah Little”
By Archibald Carey Smith

  AMERICAN SCHOOL PAINTING OF “HANNAH LITTLE” BY ARCHIBALD CAREY SMITH 1837-1911 OIL ON CANVAS Oil on canvas                                              19th Century Viewing area 39 1/2″ x 25 1/2″                  Framed 46″ x 32″ x 2″ Signed: bottom right, Smith                    Dated: 1866 Presented is a beautiful and very large oil painting of the sailing vessel, “Hannah Little”, by Archibald Cary Smith, (September 4, 1837, – December 8, 1911). […]