Museum Quality
Double Frame Sextant
by Crichton – London
Early 1800s

Beautiful Double Frame Sextant by Crichton of London Ca.  The early 1800s   Presented is a beautiful polished brass 20-pillar double-frame sextant with a mahogany handle by John Crichton of London.  The double-frame brass sextants are especially beautiful and dramatic examples of this period. In good condition, they are becoming harder to find. This design […]

Model of 1883 Gatling Cannon
on Classic Field Carriage

Model of 1883 Gatling Cannon with Hartford, Conn. Lable Dimensions:  Overall Lgth: 14 1/4″          Cannon Lgth:  8 1/2″         Overall Ht:  8″        Wt:  4 lbs 9 oz. Presented is a very nicely done model of an 1883 Gatling Cannon, typical of the Civil War Period. Turning […]

Miniature Set of Navigation Plotting Tools
19th Century

Set of Miniature Plotting Tools of Whale Ivory in Sharkskin Covered Wood Case 19th Century Case measurements:  6 1/2″ Ht                  2 3/4″ Width   Sharkskin Case Presented is a very unusual set of navigation plotting tools miniaturized and fitted in an elegant sharkskin-covered wood case.  The case […]

19th Century Builder’s
Half Hull Model of Steamship

Large Half Hull Builder’s Model of 19th Century Steamship   Dimensions Model: 45 1/2″L  x 3″ Beam x 4 3/4″ deck to keel Backboard:  49 1/2″ x 8 3/4″ x 1/2″ Weight: 12 Lbs. Presented is an interesting Builder’s Half Hull model of what we believe to be a Steamship of the period.  It was […]

Model of 19th Century
Classic Whaleboat

Classic 19th Century Whaleboat with Whaling Equipment Dimensions: 37″ Lgth        34″ Ht           7 1/2″ Width Weight:  4 lbs. Presented is a beautiful and exceptionally well-done model of a classic 19th Century Whaleboat.  It comes fully equipped with all of the whaling tools of the era including 3 Sets […]

C. Plath
Navistar “Classic” Sextant

C. Plath Navistar Classic Sextant Presented is a very fine example of a post-war C. Plath sextant,  Serial No. 61925. It comes with its deluxe,  varnished Mahogany case with a  prismatic 6 x 30 Sun scope. The original certificate issued by C Plath is included. Back View The sextant is housed in a Mahogany wood […]

Brass Mushroom Style
E.S. Ritchie Small Boat Binnacle
on Wood Base

Brass Mushroom Style Small Boat Binnacle by E.S.Ritchie Presented is a lovely early-period small boat brass binnacle, the perfect size for office, den or any nautical interior. It is a working compass so would also be adaptable to offshore use. Although there are no obvious manufacturer marks on the housing, we’re confident that the ES […]

Pocket or Box Sextant
by T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London

 Pocket or Box Sextant By T.Cooke & Sons, Ltd of London Presented in an unusual Pocket or Box sextant by the renowned instrument maker T. Cooke & Sons, Ltd. London & York.   In 1855 Cooke exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris and won a First Class Medal for a 7.5-inch equatorial refractor. By 1855, […]

Bronze Signal Cannon

1898 U.S. Bronze Signal Cannon Presented is an impressive bronze field signal cannon on  bronze wheels and steel carriage.  The barrel is engraved with the imprint “U S”   and 1898.  We don’t have any specific provenance on this fine post-Civil War piece, but there are definite indications of much use over the years.  The barrel […]

Kelvin – Wilfrid O White
Skylight Binnacle

KELVIN & WILFIRD O. WHITE SKYLIGHT BINNACLE Presented is a large size skylight or cathedral binnacle with an original Spherical Compass that was invented by Wilfrid O. White. The design dates to January 6, 1931 with number 2979. This is one of the later versions, and sold under the Kelvin-White brand name indicating the association […]