Model of Ocean Liner “SS Normandie”

Model of Famous French Ocean Liner “SS  Normandie” Dimensions: Overall Lgth:  31″     Beam:  5″    Ht:  9″ Base:  18″ x 3 1/2″ Presented is a nicely done model of the SS Normandie.  This model has been in a collection for a few years and is not brand new.  The anchor is present but not […]

WW I PERKINS USN Ships Bulkhead Oil Lamps 1916

WW I PERKINS PERKO USN Ships Bulkhead Oil Lamps 1916 Very Rare Presented is a  “pair of lamps that you are very unlikely to come across”, says Anthony Hobson in his Book Two of “Lanterns That Lit Our World“. They are not only exceedingly rare and in outstanding condition, but also the most beautiful shipboard […]

Morse MK V Reproduction WW II Dive Helmet

Morse MK V WW II Period Commercial  Dive Helmet Reproduction Presented is a MK V reproduction dive helmet.  It appears to be constructed from actual helmet parts, but not as a working helmet.  The neck rings are not grooved and the bonnet just sits onto the breastplate.    And although a number of the attachments […]

Elegant Wood Shadow Box for Display

Beautiful Wood Shadow Box for Display Land and Sea Collection has a small inventory of these fine shadow boxes which are perfect for displaying your prized possessions or important items in your collections.  These elegant cases present in almost an ebony or dark mahogany finish. A couple of them mounted on a wall – or […]

Interfit FX150 Flash Photo Lighting Equipment Set

Interfit Flash Lighting Equipment FX150 We are offering this set of photo lighting equipment by Interfit.  This is their EX150 kit with the items included mentioned on the box label.  It was very lightly used and is in working order.   Price:  $59.00          Shipping:  $70.00 BUY NOW

Adlake Railroad Lantern

Adlake Railroad Lantern Presented is a fine steel Railroad Tail Lamp from Adlake Manufacturing.  Adlake lanterns were made with strength and durability in mind and were larger and heavier than lamps from other manufacturers at the time.  This lamp was probably post-1899 and used in the early part of the century.  This probably burned signal […]

British Admiralty Telescope – 19th Century

British Admiralty Pattern Single Draw Marine Telescope Ca 1875  Late 19th-century telescopes are increasingly difficult to find. This is one of the Admiralty designs which makes it special. It is a quite large, high quality, British Admiralty pattern, single draw telescope designed specifically for marine use. It is in fine condition for its age and […]

Antique Scottish Clipper Ship Model ADINO

AntiqueScottish Clipper Ship Model ADINO

ANTIQUE SCOTTISH CLIPPER SHIP MODEL ADINO of ARBROATH Presented is a carefully handcrafted full rigged model of the Scottish Clipper ADINO with a varnished Mahogany hull, deck and spars. This three masted full rigged ship was  made by a model maker using the plank on frame method of construction. Each handmade  plank is fitted to the curves of the hull and held […]

Rare Oversized Double Frame Sextant (Quintant) by Troughton London

Troughton London Giant Double Frame Brass Sextant/Quintant THE ORIGINAL TROUGHTON – LONDON Giant Size Double Frame, Pillar Quintant/Sextant – only the second of these fine instruments we’ve carried. TROUGHTON & SIMMS were the best of the English instrument makers. This instrument dates from before their partnership. It belongs in a collection of fine nautical antiques or as an […]

Pair of Dramatic Semaphore Oil Lamps

Dramatic Semaphore Signal Lamps  Late 19th to Early 20th Century Presented is a fine pair of turn of the 19th Century Semaphore signal lamps.  In our research, the closest examples of these lamps we could find were the signal/semaphore lamps used in railroad switching yards or stations.  We date these to be late 19th or […]

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