Original Sestrel Hand Bearing Compass

ORIGINAL SESTREL HAND BEARING COMPASS by Henry Browne & Son, Barking, London The Original HENRY BROWNE, “SESTREL” HAND BEARING COMPASS Presented is an exceptionally high quality original Sestrel hand bearing compass that was designed and made by Henry Browne & Son, Barking, London, England, over may years.  These compasses were considered the finest hand bearing compass in the world, and were often copied inexpensively by pretenders, […]

Bulkhead Bridge & Engine Room Telegraph

AUTHENTIC BULKHEAD BRIDGE AND ENGINE ROOM “POWER ROTOR“ TELEGRAPH Very Rare Display Presented is a custom mounted combination of bridge and engine room telegraph heads from one of England’s early makers Robinson-Evershed. It is professionally made and was likely a company sale’s display. In 1968, Robinson-Evershed was acquired by the famous Chadburns Company of Liverpool. […]

A. Robinson England Engine Order Telegraph Bridge

  A. ROBINSON ENGLAND ENGINE ORDER TELEGRAPH BRIDGE       Presented is a smaller size, two control, Engine Order Telegraph for the bridge from A. Robinson of Liverpool and Glasgow whose operations date back to 1780. In 1968, Robinson was purchased by the largest maker of these devices, Chadburns, who at one time accounted for […]

Cased Pelorus Buff & Buff Boston

  CASED PELORUS by BUFF & BUFF, BOSTON < GIANT BRONZE PELORUS WW II< A large ships’ pelorus in a case PRESENTED is a giant of a pelorus made by old-line instrument maker, Buff & Buff, Boston around the time of WW II though it could date from WW I. It has the number, 12688 […]

Giant British Vintage Reflecting Compass

GIANT BRITISH VINTAGE REFLECTING COMPASS Reflective compasses are one of the rarest found. This one is a perfect example of a mid 20th Century BIG SHIP’S compass which was mounted in the pilot house. Presented is a very large dry card tell tale compass. It has a plastic dry card which is housed in an […]

E & G W Blunt Boxed Dry Card Compass

IMPORTANTE. & G. W. BLUNT BOXED DRY CARD COMPASS! Special Gimbal Center Pivot You will not have seen anything with a gimbaled center pivot and in perfect condition from a early pedigreed American maker Presented is an early 19th Century large boxed compass by E & G. W. Blunt that is similar to one on […]

Antique D. Baker Boston Compass

ANTIQUE D. BAKER, BOSTON, COMPASS TWIN DOLPHIN DISPLAY PRESENTED is an interesting antique compass made by the American instrument maker, D. Baker of Boston. It has been mounted in an elaborate presentation, suspended between the vintage, brass, dolphins, which are cast in a style reminiscent of the U.S. Navy Submarine Officer’s Warfare device of WW […]

Giant Ships Threaded Compass Ca 1920

KELVIN, BOTTOMLEY & BARD – SIR WILLIAM THOMSON GIANT SHIPS THREADED COMPASS ~ Ca 1920 Guaranteed “ Extra Fine” Your chance to get a very rare piece of maritime history with a pedigreed history of historic men and companies PRESENTED IS A VERY IMPORTANT ENGLISH DRY CARD COMPASS made by Kelvin, Bottomley & Bard. It […]

USS Wasp 1898 Engine Order Telegraph Bridge

USS WASP 1898 ENGINE ORDER TELEGRAPH BRIDGE   ;   Presented is a very rare Engine Order telegraph from the seventh USS WASP, a naval warship, bought into service by the secretary of the Navy for the Spanish American War in 1898. The telegraph was handed down in the same family since approximately 1920. It […]

Antique Telltale CompassCa 1850

ANTIQUE TELLTALE COMPASS, Ca 1850 Like New Original Condition   Telltale or tell tale compasses are one of the rarest found. This one is a perfect example of a mid 19th Century captain’s cabin compass. It has a special card for viewing when it is hung over a bunk making it a special find. Highly desirable for […]

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