Pelorus by Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.

Pelorus By Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co.   Boston Presented is a large pelorus made by old-line instrument maker, Kelvin & Wilford O. White Co. of Boston.  It is housed on a gimbal inside a large wood case. Because of its size, we feel that this would have been installed on the bridge of […]

Antique Negus Dry Card Tell Tale Compass Ca 1880

ANTIQUE NEGUS DRY CARD TELL TALE COMPASS Ca 1880 Shown Above in Overhead Position & Below as it would Display. Outstanding Original Condition: Telltale or tell tale compasses are one of the rarest found. This one is a perfect example of a mid 19th Century captain’s cabin compass. It has a special dry card for viewing when it is […]

1st Ships Threaded Compass Kelvin Bottomley & Bard

1st SHIPS THREADED COMPASS From the Design of 1876 Lord Kelvin & James White Later KELVIN, BOTTOMLEY & BARD Guaranteed Museum Quality This is a very rare piece of maritime history with a pedigreed heritageof historic men and companies. Suitable for a Prestige Gift PRESENTED IS ANEXTREMELY IMPORTANT ENGLISH DRY CARD COMPASS made bySir William Thomson and James […]

Antique Robert Merrill Sons Boxed Dry Card Dinghy Compass

RARE AMERICAN ROBERT MERRILL, NEW YORK BOXED DINGHY COMPASS This may be a one-of-a-kind small boxed compass with a pedigree of having been made by a family of early nautical instrument makers with certified credentials. Merrill’s works are rarely found even in books on nautical antiques, and only a few museums have them on display. PRESENTED is a rare and unusual small boat “Dry […]

Rare Antique Ritchie Twin Cylindrical Beam Boxed

VERY RARE ANTIQUE E.S. RITCHIE TWIN CYLINDER “BANANA CARD” BOXED COMPASS, DATED 1870  A very early and very rare Ritchie Banana Style Boxed Compass.  This old Sea Dog has been handed down in the same family for the past 25 years. It is perfect for the serious collector or as an accent piece in any decor DISPLAY ONLY. […]

Sestral Dead Beat Compass

SESTRAL DEAD BEAT COMPASS Made For Captain O.M. Watts Presented is the famous “Dead Beat” compass by Henry Brown/Sestral. It was specially made for Capt.O. M. Watts. We have not been able to identify Capt. Watts, but the serial number of this piece is No. 2324 N. The compass is housed in a heavy brass […]

British Royal Navy Pattern 20 Binnacle Boat Compass

ROYAL NAVY PATTERN 20 BINNACLE BOAT COMPASS BY FAMOUS BRITISH ROYAL NAVY MAKER DENT & Co. GUARANTEED ALL ORIGINAL An exceedingly rare wood cased binnacle compass designed like a pyramid? This is the first completely original Dent Boat Binnacle, Pattern 20, to be offered for sale in recent times. Most are only seen in museums or books. DIMENSIONS: 13 1/2″W x […]

Original 1950’s Cast Brass Hand Bearing

  ORIGINAL 1950’s CAST BRASS HAND BEARING COMPASS by Gordon Roberts, Mt. Vernon, New York   GORDON ROBERTS, “COMPASCOPE” HAND BEARING COMPASS – with original documentation     Presented is a hand bearing compass which was made popular in the 1950’s by Gordon Roberts of Mt.Vernon, NY for small craft boaters.   The bowl is made from cast brass with […]

Antique D BakerBoston Whaleboat Dory Compass

ANTIQUE D. BAKER, BOSTON, WHALEBOAT, DORY COMPASS        PRESENTED is a small size antique compass made by the American instrument maker, D. Baker of Boston. It’s historic name makes it an interesting conversation piece in any setting.   Originally, it would have been mounted in a box, or housed in a binnacle which may have been used […]

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