A Natural Wood Finish
Carved American Eagle
by Artistic Carving Co.

AMERICAN EAGLE CARVING BY ARTISTIC CARVING COMPANY Beautiful Natural Wood Finish     Back of Carving This fine Artistic Carving Co. American Eagle is resplendent in its original natural wood finish. As these are usually painted gold, this is the first one we’ve seen with this finish. DIMENSIONS: 45 ” L x 16” H x 5” D […]

Beautiful Wool Work
of a British Merchant Navy
3 Masted Barque

BRITISH WOOL WORK THREE MASTED BARQUE PICTURE SIZE: Unframed 14 1/2” x 12″, viewing area Framed 19“x 16 3/4“ x 1 1/4“ PRESENTED is a beautiful and well executed smaller wool work of a British 3 Masted Barque sailing for the British Merchant Navy. Besides the square sails, it has a complement of jibs at the bow, […]

British Royal Navy
Fully Rigged 3 Masted Ship
Wool Work

BEAUTIFUL WOOL WORK OF BRITISH ROYAL NAVY FULLY RIGGED 3 MASTED BARQUE PICTURE SIZE: Unframed 24” x 18″, viewing area  Framed 30“x 23 1/2“ x 2“     Presented is a beautifully executed woolwork, which frequently is referred to as a woolly. It portrays a British Royal Navy 3 Masted Clipper Ship or Barque. It has a […]

Silver American Eagle Carving

AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE  Carved in the style of Artistic Carving Co. Dimensions: 25”L x 9”H x 3 ¾”W Presented is a beautifully carved American Eagle in the style of the Artistic Carving Company.  We believe this to be a contemporary well-executed work reproducing their original design. This is a smaller size than most of our […]

Wool Work of Sail Assisted
4 Masted British Steamship
Ca Mid 19th Century

  PICTURE SIZE: Unframed 19 1/4” x 14 1/2″, viewing area Framed 29“ x 24“ Presented is an exceptionally well-made wool work, often referred to as a woolly, of an early British steam merchant ship assisted by sails on four masts. The forward two masts are square-rigged and the aft two are fore and aft […]

American Schooner Yacht Diorama
Exceptional Fine Art Quality
Ca 1880

Presented is an extremely rare shadow box model of an unnamed American schooner yacht of the last decade of the 19th Century, with a small screw steamer yacht close off her port bow. There is a 13 star American “Boat” flag flying from the schooner’s main gaff and a swallow tail house flag showing a padlock from the main truck.