U.S. Navy Silver Quarterdeck Bell<br> from USS Piedmont (AD-17)

U.S. Navy Quarterdeck Bell off the USS Piedmont (AD-17) Dimensions:  Ht 7″ Diameter at Base: 8″ Wt: 6 lbs, 3 oz.   Presented is the first of these Navy bells that we’ve had the pleasure to offer.  The former owner of the bell acquired it as the ship was being decommissioned and transferred to the […]

U S Navy Iron Foredeck & Anchor Bell <br> with Wall Bracket

USN Iron Foredeck & Anchor Bell with Wall Bracket Dimensions Dia.at base: 9 1/2″                   Ht.to shoulder: 6 3/4″                Overall Ht. 10 3/4″ Weight: 15 lbs. Presented is a very nice U S Navy iron bell painted with an ocean blue […]

Rare WW II U.S. Navy Foredeck Anchor Bell

FROM THE COLLECTION OF A NAVY JUNIOR Based on the “ridged” design and the “USN” designation, we date the bell to World War II, or possibly earlier. The original inverted vertical “J” bracket allows them only to be mounted on a pedestal or deck, hence they are referred to as anchor or foredeck bells. Left […]

US Navy Anchor or Foredeck Bell with Two Mounting Options

  This Korea and Vietnam era Navy bell comes with the wall mount.Our proprietary desk mount bracket and stand will be at a nominal additional cost. wall mount showing clapper out of bell View of inside bell Presented is a post WW II U S Navy Foredeck or Anchor bell that comes with a steel […]

British Royal Air Ministry Bell<br> Very Rare Ca WW II

    Presented: is a beautifully proportioned Royal Air Ministry Bell which was salvaged from a yard in Holland that was breaking up a British Minesweeper in the 1980s. We’re assuming the bell was recommissioned after the war to the Navy. It was presented as a gift by the salvage company to a gentleman working […]

Pre WWII<BR> U.S. Navy Foredeck Bell <BR>with Upper and Lower Bands

Based on its design, we date the bell to around the time of World War One (WW I). The original inverted vertical “J” brack et is missing and has been replaced with our proprietary brushed aluminum bracket. This allows the bell to be mounted as it was on a pedestal or deck, hence they are […]

Large WW II Destroyer Size<br> US Navy Bell

Partial Hanger and Fancy Bell Rope Included! Presented is a very rare WW II or earlier Navy bell engraved USN on its face, and with the raised bands tha signify it was made around the turn of the 20th Century. The bell measures 15 1/2 inches wide at the mouth and stands 14 inches tall […]

Post WW II U.S. Navy Foredeck <br> Anchor Bell<br> With Original J” Bracket

Dimensions: BELL: Diameter at Crown: 5″ 1/2″ Diameter at Mouth: 10″ Height to Crown: 7″ Height Overall: 16″ WOOD STAND: 14″ L x 11″ D x 3/4″ T Total Weight: A heavy 35 pounds The bell has been polished & lacquered for a dramatic desk or table top display. Presented is a post World War […]

Early US Navy Fore Deck Bell<br> Repaired Crack

Repaired Crack   PRE WW I Polished & Lacquered Bell    Presented =left>is a very rare Ca 1900 Navy bell with the signature double bands that signify its age. Unfortunately, it has a crack in the front that runs from the lower band down between the U. S. all the way to the rim as can […]