Ships Bulkhead Oil Lamps 1916

WW I PERKINS PERKO USN Ships Bulkhead Oil Lamps 1916 Very Rare Presented is a  “pair of lamps that you are very unlikely to come across”, says Anthony Hobson in his Book Two of “Lanterns That Lit Our World“. They are not only exceedingly rare and in outstanding condition, but also the most beautiful shipboard […]

Adlake Railroad Lantern

Adlake Railroad Lantern Presented is a fine steel Railroad Tail Lamp from Adlake Manufacturing.  Adlake lanterns were made with strength and durability in mind and were larger and heavier than lamps from other manufacturers at the time.  This lamp was probably post-1899 and used in the early part of the century.  This probably burned signal […]

Pair of Dramatic Semaphore Oil Lamps

Dramatic Semaphore Signal Lamps  Late 19th to Early 20th Century Presented is a fine pair of turn of the 19th Century Semaphore signal lamps.  In our research, the closest examples of these lamps we could find were the signal/semaphore lamps used in railroad switching yards or stations.  We date these to be late 19th or […]

Large Ship Navigation Lamp
by G. Gillard of New Zealand

Large Ship Navigation Lamp by G.Gillard of Auckland, New Zealand   Presented is a very large antique kerosene ship’s navigation light.   The maker’s tag on the front is imprinted G Gillard, Cert Maker, Auckland, and shows the serial number 966. This fine lamp was intended for use when a ship was “Not Under Command”.  This […]

Very Unusual
Nautical Cabin Lamp

Triangular Nautical Cabin Lamp

Beautiful Cabin Lamp Very Unusual Shape Presented is an unusual shaped maritime brass cabin light. This is a great example if you are looking for something for a nautical decor accent that will not be seen elsewhere.  We have not been able to identify the maker, but think it is likely that it has a […]

Small Boat
Navigation Lamp
1880 – 1938


SMALL BOAT NAVIGATION LAMP 1880 – 1938 PRESENTED is an elegant small boat navigation lamp that was likely powered by a very small kerosene burner, which is not present. This rare design, issued for boats up to 26 feet, referred to as “Chicago Style 3”, was manufactured by Joseph Vogel from 1880 until 1916 when […]

Rare Perkins Marine Style
Antique Combination
Navigation Lamp


LARGE ANTIQUE COMBINATION PORT/STARBOARD NAVIGATION  LAMP  Ca 1916   DIMENSIONS: Not counting bail, 10 1/2″ H x 10 1/4″ W x 8″ D The bail adds 4 1/2″ Weight 4 lbs 7 oz. Presented is another one of the rare Port/ Starboard lights, similar to the one we have by Perkins Marine Lamp Corporation of Brooklyn, NY., made for […]

Small Cabin Lamp
from Weems & Plath

Weems & Plath Brass Small Oil Cabin Lamp

Weems & Plath Brass Small Oil Cabin Lamp  This is a very attractive small cabin light for your boat or porch.  The Brass Yacht Lamp with solid brass body is a great addition to your nautical decor.   It is styled after a traditional miner’s lamp. The design includes venting holes at the top of […]

Diver’s Inspection Lamp

Deep Sea Diver’s Inspection Lamp by Ceag Ltd. Presented is a Ceag Lt.d. Inspection Lamp No. 34, estimated date 1940s.  Established in 1912, CEAG located in Barnsley, UK, provides a range of high-quality lighting products and services for several different industries, major among them mining and marine.  The origins of the company are steeped in […]

Rare Perkins Marine
Antique Combination Navigation Lamp

Rare Perkins MarineAntique Combination Navigation Lamp

LARGE ANTIQUE PERKO COMBINATION PRESENTED is one of the rarest marine lights Perkins Marine Lamp Corporation of Brooklyn, NY made for boats up to 26 feet long. It is only the second example that we have had to offer. Anthony Hobson’s, “Lanterns That Lit Our World Book Two”, Gold Hill Press, 2004 shows them on page 88.  He says the Vogel  “Durable“ lamp […]

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