Beautiful 10 “Chelsea”
U.S. Shipping Board Clock
Dated 1915-1918

CHELSEA  10″ PILOT HOUSE CLOCK 10″ CHELSEA “U.S. SHIPPING BOARD” CLOCK PILOT HOUSE MODEL Presented is a rare and important, antique, eight-day clock with an 8-inch face, manufactured for the U.S. Shipping Board between 1915-1918. The Chelsea Pilot House movement is marked with serial number 129322, which is dating it to that period.   CHELSEA CLOCK […]

Beautiful Antique
10″ Chelsea Pilot House Clock
CA 1915-1918

10″ CHELSEA PILOT HOUSE CLOCK Ca 1915-1918 ORIGINALLY SOLD BY RIGGS & BROTHER OF PHILADELPHIA PURVEYOR OF FINE NAUTICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT TO THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY AND GENERAL PUBLIC Presented is a rare and important, antique, an eight-day clock with an 8-inch face, manufactured for RIGGS & BROTHER, Philadelphia between 1915 and 1919. On the […]

Custom Made
Wood Clock Stand
10″ Pilot House Clocks Fit!

Custom Made Large Wood Clock StandWe acquired this beautiful hand-carved wood clock stand some time ago. We find it is an excellent fit for our 10′ wall-mounted Chelsea Maritime Command Center or Pilot House clocks. This allows these stunning clocks to be placed on mantels, shelves, or desks, rather than wall-mounted. DIMENSIONS: Length: 19 1/2″ […]

Chelsea Presentation
Ship’s Bell Clock

CHELSEA PRESENTATION SHIP’S BELL CLOCK ON MAHOGANY STAND Presented is a beautiful contemporary Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock in a finely finished mahogany stand.  This is a very large Clock with an 8” Face and 10 ½” width.  The depth of the clock is 4”, The weight is 23 ½ Lbs.  The clock stand measures 20” […]

Chelsea Shipstrike Clock
On Mahogany Stand

CHELSEA SHIPSTRIKE CLOCK on Mahogany Stand   The clock is housed on a very fine hardwood stand. Presented is a full 7-inch size ship strike bell clock which, in a lacquered brass case, strikes the hour and half hour. Immaculate, like new condition. This is an outstanding example of a very fine striking bell clock. […]

Ship’s Bell Clock & Barometer Set

Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock & Barometer Set Presented is a beautiful contemporary Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock and Barometer set designed for wall mount. The serial number on the clock, 885558, which indicates it was produced between 1990 and the present. Shown on our Clock Stands which will be included if desired by the buyer.   […]

Hamilton 21
Marine Chronometer

World Famous Hamilton 21 Marine Chronometer designated for the U.S. Maritime Commission     This fine example is a worthy addition to any timepiece collection. Presented is a WW II HAMILTON Model 21 Chronometer in its traditional three section varnished mahogany wood case with full gimbal mounts. It is in fine condition with some minor scratches. Most […]

Seth Thomas
U.S. Maritime Commission
WWII Ship’s Clock

SETH THOMAS WW II U.S. MARITIME COMMISSION CLOCK The stand, a $75.00 value, is included! Presented is a vintage, eight-day, Seth Thomas U.S. Maritime Commission clock with a 6″ silver face with black etched numerals and an independent second hand. It has the number 32069 on its face. It has a 115 A, 7 Jewel […]

Chelsea U.S. Navy
Bulkhead Clock with
12/24 Hour Dial

U.S. Navy 12/24 Hour Bulkhead Chelsea Clock WW II Period     Dating from 1940-1944 WW II Period Presented is a fine vintage U.S. Navy 12/24 hour engine room bulkhead clock, movement Serial No. 467968, produced by Chelsea Clock Company during the WW II period. . This is an 11 jewel, 8 day movement, although […]

U.S. Navy Mark 1 Deck Clock
Black Phenolic Case
by Chelsea

Chelsea U.S. Navy Mark 1 Deck Clock End of WW II Period     DIMENSIONS: 5 1/2″ Inside Diameter of face,  6 3/4″Outside Diameter of fase,   8 1/2″ Outside diameter of Backing Plate Depth:  3 3/4″     Weight:  5 lbs. 3 1/2 oz. Presented is a fine example of a Chelsea, back winding, Navy MK […]