Pewter Sculpture "Fire at Will "<br> by Peter Jackson

Dramatic Pewter Sculpture of Seaman “Fire at Will”  By Peter Jackson Dimensions   Base: 8 3/4″ x 5 1/4″            Ht: 6″            Weight: 10 lbs. 13oz. Presented is a fine and very dramatic pewter sculpture/diorama of an 18th-century seaman gunner in charge of loading and firing […]

Civil War Period Iron Cannon<br> on Wood & Steel Carriage

Civil War Period Iron Cannon on Wood & Steel Carriage   Dimensions Cannon Barrel :  13″     Width at Bore:  2 1/2″      Width at Trunnions:  2 3/4″     Width at Base Ring: 3 1/4″    Bore 3/4″ Carriage:  22″ L  x 12 1/2″ W x 14 1/2″ Ht  Weight  28 lbs.   Presented is […]

Bronze Signal Cannon<br> on Steel Carriage

Bronze Signal Cannon on Steel Carriage   Presented is a very nice bronze signal cannon, with a design typical of the Civil War period. DIMENSIONS: Cannon & Carriage Length  16 1/2″″ Length barrel   9 1/2″ Bore 3/4″ or 75 Cal Maximum Width at Base Ring:  2 1/2″     Width at Muzzel: 1 3/4″ Carriage 6 3/4″ […]

Winchester Signal Cannon

Winchester Signal Cannon   Presented is a handsome Winchester Arms Model 98, Steel and iron, Signal Cannon. The 10 gauge, Winchester Model 98 Breech Loading Signal Cannon was designed and patented by Charles H. Griffith for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1901. The cannon debuted for sale in the March 1903 Winchester Catalog. The […]

Signal Cannon<br> Naval Style Carriage<br> 18th Century

Bronze Signal Cannon Naval Style Carriage 18th Century Smaller size cannons such as this were used to signal other ships to pass orders and information, to salute other vessels in passing, to sound a mutiny, and in time of fog, as a distance-off signal. Presented is a fine cast bronze cannon of the type that […]

Miniature<br> Bronze Signal Cannon<br> On Wood Naval Type Carriage

MINIATURE BRONZE CANNON on Wood Naval Style Carriage   Presented is a bronze barreled miniature signal cannon mounted on a simple naval type carriage. The trunnions are placed below the center line of the barrel which indicates that it was likely made prior to 1725. The canon shows lots of dings and abrasions indicating some […]

Iron Ship’s Signal Cannon<br> On Fine Naval Style Brass And Wood Carriage

SIGNAL CANNON On Fine Naval Style Brass And Wood Carriage   DIMENSIONS: Length of barrel:  11 3/4″ Bore:  1 3/4″ Width:  2 1/2″ Weightof cannon:   11 pounds Carriage: 7  1/2″ L x 6 1/2″ W x 4″ H   Antique iron signal cannons on well done naval carriages are becoming harder to find. This one likely […]

Model of “El Tigre”<br>The Tiger Cannon

The Famous El Tigre Cannon of the Castle of San Cristobal Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain   Presented is a very fine model of the famous Cannon “El Tigre”.  The Castle of San Cristobal, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, is a museum which houses the famous Canon Tigre (Tiger Cannon), which, on July 25, 1797, shot a musketball […]

Revolutionary War<br> 6 Pound Field Signal Cannon Miniature

REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD 6 POUND FIELD MINIATURE CANNON This is one of the nicest and unique antique miniature signal cannons we have seen.  The workmanship is excellent. This cannon has a foundry made tube mounted on a hand crafted wood 6 Pound Field Carriage as used in the Revolutionary War. The barrel is possibly an experimental […]

Antique Cast Iron<br> and Bronze Barrel<br> Victorian Signal Cannon

Victorian Cast Iron Bronze Signal Cannon Signal cannons were used aboard ship and ashore to make salutes, to warn of danger, and to attract attention in the case of an emergency. They were also used to start yacht races. These cannons were generally cast in the style of the period to which they belong.Presented is […]