Lionel 4″ Navy Boat Compass

Lionel Corp. 4″ Small Boat Compass Ca 1940 Presented is an early, 1940 U.S. Navy boxed small boat compass by Lionel Corporation of New York.   The Lionel Corporation during WWII  suspended the manufacture of toy trains to join the war effort. This fine instrument is marked 4″ BOAT COMPASS /Mark I (N) No. 5342, 1940 […]

A. Robinson & Co, Ltd.<br>Bridge Telegraph<br> Ca 1920s

A. Robinson & Co. Ltd. Engine Room Telegraph  Ca 1920s Presented is a full-size, two control, Engine Order Telegraph for the bridge from A. Robinson & Co. Ltd. of Liverpool and Glasgow, whose operations date back to 1780. In 1968, Robinson was purchased by the largest maker of these devices, Chadburn’s, who at one time […]

F. Smith & Son<br> Yacht Binnacle

F. Smith & Son – Southampton, U.K. Early 20th Century Yacht Binnacle with Sestrel Compass     Dimensions Base Diameter – 9″      Ht – 10″ Dia. of Front Viewing Port  5″        Compass Dia.  4″         Weight   6 lbs. 8 oz. F.Smith & Son, Southampton, U.K., were chandlery retailers […]

Beautiful Cased,<br> Kelvin & Wilfrid O. White<br> Corrector Compass

Kelvin & Wilfrid O. WhiteCompass Corrector This is a very unusual find and will make an interesting addition to anyone interested in compass technology DIMENSIONS: Base 9″ x 9″ Case 9 ¾” x 7 ½” x 7 ½” Compass card: 4″ Dia Weight: 8 lbs. 7 oz Presented is a rare example of a finely […]

Small Boat Binnacle<br> by<br> Star Compass Company of Boston

SMALL BOAT BINNACLE BY STAR COMPASS COMPANY OF BOSTON CA 1905 Presented is a small early American binnacle by Star of Boston. We are thinking early turn of the 19th century. The only markings on the case are a large “5” on the inside of the front door. The compass, which is  swinging freely, is […]

Beautiful Skylight Binnacle with Kerosene Burner

BEAUTIFUL SKYLIGHT BINNACLE WITH KEROSENE BURNER AND STAR PATHFINDER COMPASS Presented is an exceptionally beautiful skylight or cathedral binnacle in excellent condition considering its age. The compass is a Star Pathfinder of the Star Compass Company of Milton, Mass., as noted on the compass card. Due to its elegant design, we believe this binacle was […]

Antique Negus Dry Card <br>Tell Tale Compass<br> Ca 1880

ANTIQUE NEGUS DRY CARD TELL TALE COMPASS Ca 1880 Shown Above in Overhead Position & Below as it would Display. Outstanding Original Condition: Telltale or tell tale compasses are one of the rarest found. This one is a perfect example of a mid 19th Century captain’s cabin compass. It has a special dry card for viewing when it is […]

1st Ships Threaded Compass<br> Kelvin Bottomley & Bard

1st SHIPS THREADED COMPASS From the Design of 1876 Lord Kelvin & James White Later KELVIN, BOTTOMLEY & BARD Guaranteed Museum Quality This is a very rare piece of maritime history with a pedigreed heritageof historic men and companies. Suitable for a Prestige Gift PRESENTED IS ANEXTREMELY IMPORTANT ENGLISH DRY CARD COMPASS made bySir William Thomson and James […]

Antique Robert Merrill Sons Boxed Dry Card Dinghy Compass

RARE AMERICAN ROBERT MERRILL, NEW YORK BOXED DINGHY COMPASS This may be a one-of-a-kind small boxed compass with a pedigree of having been made by a family of early nautical instrument makers with certified credentials. Merrill’s works are rarely found even in books on nautical antiques, and only a few museums have them on display. PRESENTED is a rare and unusual small boat “Dry […]