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We have been selling high quality antique and vintage ship’s bronze (and occasionally iron) bells for over fourteen years. With a shrinking supply, our challenge has changed to finding the types of bells that are most appreciated by our customers, which turns out to be authentic U.S. Navy bells from WW II and earlier. Sometimes we sell them without polishing if the natural patina over the years is dramatic to view. We have some polished at considerable expense, if we feel they should be preserved as they would have been on shipboard and as a work of industrial art.

All come with a proper bell rope and means of display. We have established a reputation as a specialist in providing U.S. Navy bells that are suitable for ceremonial occasions and as gifts for retiring officers.


SPECIAL NAVY FORMULA BELL METAL: The tone of an authentic Navy bell, made using a special “bell metal” formula, is not easily forgotten. It has a strong and long resonance and vibration that rings sharp and clear with a distinctive sound. Do not expect cheap imitations or foreign imports to have this special characteristic ringing because “bell metal” is a specially formulated bronze alloy, unique to the Navy for their specialized use.

We have a detailed listing of most items. Click on their picture. If the full listing does not answer your questions, please inquire by emailing [email protected]

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